Just because you don't notice your closet doors, don't think that they don't have an impact on how the room looks. A darker door can stand out, a light door can blend in, and of course, mirrored doors have their own unique look and influence. Even after you have decided upon the your bedroom design ideas, make sure the doors are well crafted to open easily and widely enough to give you full access to the contents of the closet.

The first step in choosing your closet doors is deciding what you want your bedroom furniture to look like. You don't want to mix styles here, since modern looking bi fold doors of metal or Formica would never complement a bedroom set that is in the Italianate style. Beautifully carved doors, in the same tone as the wood of the furniture, would be the right choice here. The idea is that the closet doors should blend in with the decor of the furniture, not clash with it.

Besides the style, you have to concern yourself with the color of the closet doors you have chosen. You will most likely have chosen the colors of your bedroom before the furniture, or the closet doors, so make sure that the color choice goes with the color as well as style of the closet.

The space that the bedroom projects is another important consideration in choosing the closet doors. If you want to add the look of spaciousness to a room, choose mirrored doors, which can make a room look much larger. If you have closets that are small, and you want to be able to use each inch of space, bi-fold doors allow you fuller access to the interior of the closet. You can even get closet doors that slide open or closed with a remote control, if you like high tech interiors. For further space savings, these doors can slide into the walls and not even intrude into the room. For the truly high tech among you, how about speakers that automatically blast a great sound each time you open the doors automatically?

So if you are considering very specialized custom closet doors, the main issues to address are theme, color and space. After that, you can get fancy with extra touches, but the first and foremost thing to consider is that your closet doors work well for you and don't make things harder rather than easier.

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A walk in closet can be a fantastic inclusion in any home. Unfortunately, many people allow them to turn into nightmares they are afraid to open and use. There are ways to get the most out of these storage spaces and keep them clean and useful, too.

Closet organizing systems can be very useful, but it is also possible to craft a storage system at home. The key to using this space to its best advantage is to size it up, consider what really needs to go in it and then make sure things fit as they should where they should. When a walk in closet is maximized in its storage capacity, these mini-rooms can handle a whole lot of stuff in a fairly neat manner.

To whip a walk in closet into shape, it's a good idea to follow a few basic steps. These include:

* Emptying them.
This is the step no one wants to take, but it is the most important for organizing a walk in closet. Take everything out and go through it. Create three piles: one to keep, one to throw away and one that includes items that really belong elsewhere in a home.

* Sizing up the space.
The next step is to take stock in how the closet is configured and what would be the best use of it. Also, take a look at the "go back in" pile and see what's in it. Perhaps, a few hanging brackets could be removed for a floor to ceiling shelving system? Maybe there are enough shoes to constitute a special storage shelf under one of the hanging units? Brainstorm the best way to put a walk in closet back together in order.

* Find the right organizing materials.
Small shelving units, hanging shoe shelves and other similar devices can help when a full walk in closet organizing system is too expensive to buy. Get creative here and really consider the size, shape and amount of items that need to go back in.

* Put everything back in.
Use the new materials to store what is supposed to go on or in them. Try to make sure everything in the walk in closet is easy to find.

A closet can either be a great tool for storing items or it can be a disaster that won't hold another item. When a walk in closet needs serious attention, the process can take some time, but the end results will be worth the effort.

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When choosing closets organizers, here are some great tips
that will ensure you find the absolute most effective organizers to keep your
closet in order. First of all, make sure you get either an adjustable kit or
shelf. Also, pull-out baskets can be a good option. Search out retailers who
provide these quality products at an affordable price.

Remember, when deciding which organizer to purchase,
aesthetic appeal is just as important as functionality. The overall appearance
of your home, and particularly your closet, plays a huge role in lifting your
spirits on a daily basis.

Instead of having a whole shelf devoted to your shoes,
having individual boxes for each pair is the better choice. If you don't do
this, you will quickly find yourself beginning to pile your shoes on top of each
other; before you long you won't know where any of them are.

First and foremost, before you even begin to fill your
closet, purge every unnecessary item that you will not be using in the near
future. Be brutally honest during this process. Quite simply, most people's
homes are filled to the brim with items that they either do not or will never
use; this is probably the single biggest organization killer that is responsible
for the clutter building up in many people's homes today. Make sure that you
rid yourself of every unnecessary item before you even begin the organization

Now that you have your system in order, make sure you keep
it that way. In other words, whenever you are finished with a particular piece
of clothing (or anything you choose to keep in your closet) put it away
immediately. This ensures that your clothes do not build up on the floor over
time. If you put even one item on the floor, and tell yourself that you will
take care of it later, you will quickly develop a bad habit that is extremely
hard to break.

While you are establishing your organization system, make
sure that you leave about 1/3 of your closet free; this gives you some growing
room as you add more things. If you fill up your closet organizers at once, you will quickly find your storing options severely limited.

Once you find a system that works, simply keep repeating it
over and over again for every closet in your house. Remember, you cannot have
your life in order if your home is not in order. Your home cannot be in order
if your closets are not kept clean.

When your house is clean and well organized, you will
notice your productivity skyrocketing because you won't be spending nearly as
much time searching for items that you misplaced. When utilized effectively,
your closets are a real life saver, because they allow items that would normally
be piled up on the floor to be arranged neatly, where you can find them
immediately. Follow these tips, and watch your home, as well as your life, get
organized faster than you ever imagined possible.

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Is it really possible to turn the chaos that is your child’s closet into orderly, functional storage space? Yes. But without an organization system in place, a child’s closet will undoubtedly scream pandemonium along with the rest of his or her bedroom. Children should be taught from an early age to take responsibility and pick up after themselves, which begins with having a designated place to put away each of their ever multiplying possessions. With some patience and a strategic closets organization system, you can turn your child’s closet into accessible, convenient storage that you do not have to upkeep yourself.

As with any organization solution, the most frequently used items should be the easiest to access anytime. Toys, clothes, and shoes are probably the most regular travelers in and out of your child’s closet. Whether you choose to design a closet organization system yourself or hire a professional, keep in mind that in order to put away a set of blocks, your child must be able to reach the place that they belong. Determine ahead of time exactly what items need to be located within your child’s reach near the floor, and then concentrate on designing the vertical storage space for items your child does not need to access.

Shelves, bins and baskets can play an important role in bringing order to the closet in a child’s bedroom. Bins provide a great solution for toy storage, and multiple bins will likely be needed for different types of toys. Once you are sure that all of your child’s toys fit into the designated bins, add a label so that your child can easily return toys to the correct bins. Depending on whether your child can read, you may use a drawing of a truck instead of the word “trucks,” for example. Not only does labeling toy bins make identifying the contents easier, it makes putting toys away more fun for children. Adjustable shelves also make a nice addition to a child’s closet since their heights can be increased as the child grows.

Children are not typically concerned with the organization of their closets unless they are taught that organization is important. Instill in your child a sense of responsibility for his or her own messes, and be enthusiastic about putting toys away so that cleaning will not be regarded as a dreadful chore. You may even turn cleaning into a game or a race with a sibling. Whatever your technique, prepare to relax, clean less and enjoy the accomplishments of your more self-sufficient children.

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If you've lived in your home for a long time, the chances are you've accumulated quite a lot of mismatched organizational accessories over the years, each one picked up to address a certain need in your home. Have you ever wished that these mismatched accessories actually matched?

I'm speaking in particular of the accessories in your closet. Plastic racks for your shoes, a metal rack for your ties and belts, some fibreboard shelves. Each one suits its purpose, and using them all will save you time in the long run. But they're mismatched, and they don't have to be.

Complete Closet Organization System
It's time to think about installing a complete closet organization system. These systems - which provide places for your shoes, appropriate racks for ties and belts, and built in shelves - are available from quite a few manufacturers. And regardless of your financial situation, you'll be able to find a system to fit your needs.

The first thing you'll need to do is measure your closet, of course, to know the exact dimensions, from side-to-side and from top-to-bottom. Then measure it again. "Measure twice, cut once" is an old saying that still holds true today.

Then go out and get your system.

Rubbermaid provides a very economical design, which still looks good because everything matches. They call it Configurations by Rubbermaid. Their system is made out of gleaming metal, and there is no cutting, trimming or pre-measuring necessary, because it comes with telescoping rods to fit any closet from 4 feet to 8 feet. You merely screw the hang rails into your wall at the appropriate length, and then to this attach as many shelves, racks, and baskets as you need. As your clothing expands you can add more shelving.

Measure Once and Then Measure Again
Got your measurements ready? Then visit Closits Modular Storage webpage. They've got links to 7 different page of layouts depending on the depth and width of your closet, so you can see the most efficient ways of designing their modular system.

From Creative Spaces, you can get closet systems made out of solid wood instead of particle board or laminate. That always adds a touch of elegance to the decor. Their closets come in red mahogany or honey maple.

If you don't have a large laundry room in which you can set out an ironing board, then you'll want to have a fold-out ironing board included in your system. And a pants presser is always a nice touch.

Happy shopping.

So summer is just around the corner, and for most people this means it is time to pull out the shorts, tank tops, and of course their favorite flip-flops.

For most people this also means rummaging through their closet, to sort out the right clothes they will wear this time of year. This is when disaster begins! Many people discover that their closets have turned into a storage area resembling an old library: except that instead of books, it contains clothes dating back to the time when their mothers picked out their clothes for them!

So what do you do with this giant mess? There are ways to make closet cleanup easier, and here are some steps that will help:

1. First of all you have to clean your closet! Remove all of the contents from the closet and lay them on your bed so you can sort through them later.

Once all the clothes have been taken out of the closet, clean the inside of your closet before putting any clothes back inside – remembering that it probably has been ages since this was done. Make sure that to do a good job and clean your closet thoroughly.

2. Now comes the hardest part; sorting the clothes. This is when a person has to decide which clothes to keep, and which ones to get rid of. Clothes should be separated into piles and then sorted according to the amount of use.

One of the best things that results from cleaning out the closet is that often it becomes an opportunity to make some money. Clothes that individuals would never wear again can be sold at a garage sale or auctioned on EBay!

Those who are thinking of putting their old clothes on EBay for sale should take a detailed photograph of the items they wish to sell, so it can be displayed along with the description of the item.

People will be amazed at how even old clothes that might not be in top condition will still find buyers on EBay. So when you write a brief description of these items, be honest about their condition. Include the size, brand, condition of the garment, color, and other information that will be useful to the buyer.

Individuals should not expect to get a high price for these used clothes; so list a practical starting price for these items to make them more appealing to a prospective buyer.

3. If you are in a charitable mood forget EBay; donate your used clothes to a charity. This way, the clothes you no longer want or need, can be given to those who really need them!

4. Another great idea is to swap clothes with your friends! Not only will this help clean out the closet; in return you will also items that are new to you and put them in your closet!

5. Once you have disposed of all of your unnecessary (or unused) garments the items that you have saved can now be put back in the closet. Arrange the placement of the clothes you are returning to the closet according to their function and usability.

Sweaters and coats may be tucked away in the corner of the closet; as well as other garments that will not be used in the near future. You may even discover clothes that you have forgotten you own! Clothes that will most frequently be used should be readily accessible. Your closet will now be organized!

When organizing the closet take an inventory and determine what garments are lacking in your wardrobe

One other thing, soiled and dirty clothes should be laundered before they are put back in the closet - even old clothes in your closet will then be clean.

Closet cleanups are a must! It may not be fun, but it is a chore that must be done even if it might to be painful to dispose of some items. Just think of how much time you will save in the morning when you do not have to rummage through your closet looking through your closet looking for your favorite sweater – it will be right there in front of you, newly laundered, and neatly folded!

Closet organizers are cleverly designed to optimize the use of the space available, and can work wonders at transforming a cluttered closet into a neat and tidy storage place. We all know how annoying it is to have an a closet crammed full of old clothes and to never be able to find what we're looking for. Or when we do find that favorite dress, all too often it's lying in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the closet. A built in closet organizer can change all that, providing a dedicated storage place for different types of clothing and shoes.

Bedroom closet organizers can be installed in both walk in and reach in closets, and can be custom made to meet your particular requirements. Most closet organizer systems come with a variety of adjustable features, such as shelving and hanging rods, which can be fitted to best meet your storage needs. For instance, two short hanging rods one above the other, can be perfect for shorter items of clothing like shirts and folded pants. Wood shelves or wire racks can be useful for smaller items. Hooks are handy for ties and belts. And there are all kinds of options for shoes, from cubby holes to door hanging racks or organizer boxes.

If you're feeling inspired to tackle your messy closet and have a good clear out of all that clutter, then installing a fitted closet organizers or even just adding the separate components that you need most, can be very worthwhile. Once you've got your closet organizer system in place and arranged all your things in the appropriate storage compartments, it should be much easier to stay organized and not succumb to the clutter in the future!

If you do not have adequate closet space in your house or your apartment, then you should consider getting a wardrobe closet. They are great for when you need more closet space but simply do not have any way to make extra room for clothing.

There is quite a wide variety of choices when it comes to buying a wardrobe closet. You can spend a modest amount of money and just get something that works, or you can spend a lot more money and get a really nice closet that will last for years and years. Some closets are pretty basic and just have a rack for hangers and two doors that swing open, while others have all sort of extra compartments and cabinets and even shoe racks on the bottom. It all depends on how fancy you want to go and how much money you want to spend.

The major consideration when buying based on price will be what quality level you want. You can get fairly cheap wardrobes that are made out of plastic that do not cost very much at all, but are likely to break and fall apart after a while. On the other hand, you can spend a lot more money and get a very sturdy wardrobe closet made out of wood, and even go so far as to get a piece that is made out of oak or cherry wood, so that it will be built to last for several decades. It all depends on how much you want to spend and how big of an investment you want to make. If you know that you will always need the extra space from your wardrobe, then it makes sense to splurge a bit and get the quality that will last for you.

Most people have regular sized closets and there is only so much one can do to take them out of the ordinary. However, if you have one of those big walk in closets, your options are plentiful. Making good use of the extra space in a large closet can be fun if you have a lot of ideas.

People love to get the most out of their closets and that is why many companies have sprung up that specialize in custom closets. You can spend a small fortune with one of these companies if you are not careful as they can really run up the price. You can also add things to your closet like furniture if it is big enough and some people have gone as far as to make their walk in closet an office.

As today's homes get bigger and bigger, so do the master bedroom closets in many of them. A big closet today is 2 to 5 times bigger than the big closet of yesterday and if you don't fill it up, you may feel like you are wasting space. If your closet is so big that you don't know what to do with it, you can turn the space into a hobby room, sitting room, reading room or some other thing that will get some value out of it. Some people have even converted their master bedroom walk in into a laundry room.

Some of your best ideas for possible ways to use your big closet may come from magazines and looking at other homes. If you can find some expensive homes for sale that have open houses, they may have lots of interesting ideas in those homes that you can check out for free. Seeing things first hand is the best way to know if you will really like an idea before you go out and have it done.

You don't necessarily have to spend too much to upgrade your closets if you don't want to. You should be able to find lots of ideas for inexpensive ways to make use of the extra space and keep things neat. Closets organizers are very big and you can purchase all sort of similar things that will group things together and keep your closet tidy. If you don't want to pay an expensive closet company to come in and redo your closets, you might be able to find a local person who can do the job for less money.

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Imagine, you open your closets doors and all of your items are displayed neatly on shelves and hangers. You can see everything and simply select the items you want. This article contains three easy steps to help you get the closets of your dreams!

Step 1: Purge. Pull out everything you don't love or find useful. In your wardrobe closet, if you are having a hard time figuring out what you love, flip your hangers around so that they are hanging on the rod backwards. As you wear each piece of clothing put it back with the hanger hanging correctly on the rod. At the end of a year you will know exactly what you have not worn because the hangers of those items will still be backwards. If you have not worn it in a year, you don't love it or find it useful.

What to do with the clothes and items you have purged:

Have a Clothing Swap -- Invite your friends to clean out their closets. You could forward them this article to help them get started. Set a date and time for every one to bring over their unwanted clothing and accessories and a dish to pass and/or beverage. You could also expand this swap party to include home furnishings, candles, beauty products or kitchen gadgets. Create the feeling of a "store" in your living room featuring everyone's items. Mingle, eat and shop - for FREE! You will get some new fun pieces to add to your wardrobe, get rid of all of your unwanted items that are cluttering up your closest and have a fun free party with your friends. Donate all of the left over items to charity.

Consign - How about making some extra money? Some consignment stores will accept all seasons of clothing all year around which makes it easy to consign. A select few consignment stores pay upfront for clothing, although, those types of consignment stores are generally hard to find. One nation wide store that pays up front is Plato Closets. However, they only accept casual trendy clothing. I recommend that you first take your items to a consignment store. Any items the store does not take use for your Clothing Swap Party.

Consignment stores typically sell clothing on the same season schedule as regular retail stores. At the end of each retail season they will donate the items that did not sell for you and pay you a commission on your items that did sell. But you are usually in charge of knowing when a retail season ends and collecting your payment. Most stores do not automatically mail you a check. To make it easy, just put a note in your calendar on each of your deadline dates to call them so that you can pick up your check.

Step 2: Install a Closet System - Most closets need more than a basic rod and pole. Installing a built in closet system of adjustable rods, shelves, drawers, hooks and accessories will usually double or even triples the amount of use-able space in your closet. Plus it makes it much easier to see and find your items. There are many great options available from inexpensive do-it-yourself systems to having a Professional Organizer / Closet Designer out to your home to design a system for you and have it built and installed for you. Closet systems range in price dramatically but many basic but effective systems are surprisingly inexpensive. A new well-designed closet system will make a big impact on your life.

Installing a Closet System is easy and will:

• Make your life easier by saving you time and money
• Double or even triple your closet space
• Make your home tidier because it's easier to put things away
• Add value to your home

Step 3: This is the most fun step! Purchase matching hangers for your wardrobe and coat closets. They will give your closet a clean uniform look and will save space.

The best hangers to get are the sleek thin velvety soft hangers, usually known as Huggables. They come in a variety of colors. Your clothing "sticks" to the velvet so even tank tops and silky shirts won't fall off the hanger. They have a thin space saving design and the best part is they prevent "shoulder bumps". You can even hang sweaters and lightweight knit shirts on them.

In your non-wardrobe closets clear shoebox bins work well. Sort all of your miscellaneous items into categories (when there are more than one of the same type of item), such as, shoe shine supplies, first aid supplies, nail polishes, travel sized products and so on. Separate items into individual bins and label the fronts of the bins. This makes it easy to find what you need and put things away. You can label your bins by just using blank white labels from any office supply store and a permanent marker or with a label maker. Label makers make great household tools.

You could start by organizing one closet in your home every week or even every month. Before long, all of your closets will be perfectly organized!

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Let's face it; our closets can get out of hand quickly. We tell ourselves, "Nobody's going to see it. I don't have time now; I'll make it neat later (much later)." Sooner or later, we just have to do it. Try these home organization tips for your closets. The best time to do this is at the end of a season. When you're sure there is no more need for that season's clothes. However, you don't have to wait. Tackle it whenever you want!

Go through your entire closet and take out everything you have not worn in two years. There are plenty of places where you can donate these clothes.

Use storage containers to put all the out of season clothes in. Store these in a place where the space isn't as needed, maybe under a bed or in the attic.

Use shoe racks, belt racks and tie racks to keep these neat and organized. You can purchase an inexpensive shoe hanger to hang on the rack and get rid of those boxes that take up so much space and rid the floor of strewn shoes.

If you can afford it, retransform your closet entirely with closet expanders and organizers. You can get ideas at any home improvement store.

To save space in drawers, buy an inexpensive cardboard cabinet for socks, hosiery, lingerie, etc... and put this in your closet.

If you already have shelves in your closet, you can use these for jeans, sweaters and t-shirts. You can stack them neatly or use dividers.

Try to keep the floor of the closet as neat and clutter free as possible and you can breathe a sigh of relief every time you open the door.

These home organization tips can apply for linen closets or storage closets as well.

Closets are miracles of sorts. They keep everything we don't want others to see hidden out of sight. Although the times that you just throw items into it without thinking can make it a bit unorganized and you need to correct this. Take a moment to look at your closet. Is there a shelf in it with items threatening to fall off? Are your clothes constantly falling on the floor when you go to get them out of the closet?

This over flow is an indication that you are holding onto too much. The first thing that has to be done in order to organize your closet is to get rid of things. You don't need clothes and shoes from the seventies and eighties. That pair of bell-bottom hip huggers in paisley print is not coming back in your lifetime. Get rid of it! Take them and all of those clothes that are not within two sizes of what you can actually wear and get rid of them.

Shelves in the top of the closet leave a world of options open for its organization. Clear storage bags preferably those that vacuum seal to take up less room can be utilized to store out of season clothes. Alternatively, they can be hung in sealed compressed bags off into a corner of the closet.

Shoes take up a great deal of space. These are at sky rocketing numbers in most women's closets. Shoe racks are an option that gives a couple of choices. They can either hang on conventional opening doors or sit along the floor of the closet in a row; there is even the option of shoe shelves if the closet is spacious enough.

The top of the closet can be utilized for hat storage if you still wear them. Hats or hatboxes can be lined up neatly across one side and the other side can contain small storage containers of items that you wish to save.

Hanging our clothing individually takes up an extreme amount of space. If you work in an office and wear suits, you can save a lot of space. Hang jackets and pants together. Ties can be hung with the shirts they are commonly worn with. There are also special racks available for hanging belts that allow you to have them all in one place thus taking up less room. Belts that are often worn with a particular suit can be hung over the top of the hanger to hang in front of the suit making them easier to find in the mornings.

Putting these closet organizing tips to work for you will give you more room in the closet as well as peace of mind knowing that one area of your home is in order.

To help keep your home organized, download a free copy of the ebook "The Essential Guide to Organizing Your Home". Download it free here: Organizing Tips.

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By installing a custom-designed organizational unit to your bedroom closet, you can maximize storage space while adding aesthetic value. Custom closet manufacturers can design the unit to the exact dimensions of the space, with features to meet the needs of any homeowner. But the best part about custom cabinetry is that these units can be added to any room, not just closets. Las Vegas cabinetry designers will work with your family to determine how the entire home, including the following rooms, can be enhanced by custom cabinets.

Kitchen Pantry And Laundry Room
A Las Vegas custom cabinets manufacturer can redesign your pantry to include a variety of features, such as compartments for vegetables or bread or a wine storage unit. Plus, you can easily organize and find grocery products with the help of pull-out drawers and adjustable shelves. A custom-built organizational system in your laundry room can add storage for cleaning and other household supplies. Consider installing a wall-mounted ironing board, so you don't have the hassle of setting up a cumbersome board. A new laundry room design can also eliminate the need for hampers in your bedroom closets. A Las Vegas custom cabinets designer can also integrate pull-out hampers into the cabinetry.

Create a more useful and organized home office with the addition of custom-built cabinetry. Hassle-free filing of bills and other important paperwork is possible with organizational cabinets. A custom office unit also provides storage space for office and craft supplies. Whether doing schoolwork, take-home office work, paying bills or surfing the Internet, all age groups will benefit from several work areas. You can also add shelves or cabinets with glass-paneled doors to use as a bookcase or as a display area for your collectibles. The options are endless!

A custom organizational system can add function to any home in Las Vegas. Custom cabinets and countertops can be installed to create a work bench. Conserve storage space by hanging all of your sports equipment and household tools on the built-in wall pegboard. You can store other tools, or just about anything, in the spacious full-height cabinets. Work with a Las Vegas custom cabinets manufacturer to ensure that the garage components are crafted of sturdy materials for durability such a high-use area.

Family Or Living Room
Create a focal point in your home with the installation of a custom-designed entertainment unit. Don't worry if your home has an existing niche for an entertainment center because it will be manufactured specifically for the space you have. Not only will this piece enhance the visual appeal of your home, it will also provide a place to store any and all multimedia and electronic supplies. Just as in the home office, you can also showcase family treasures and photographs on built-in shelves. A Las Vegas custom cabinets company will also create the entertainment center, as well as all custom cabinetry, to complement a home's interior design elements. Entertaining family, friends and neighbors is easy with a custom-designed Butler's pantry or serving buffet. Built-in storage racks will accommodate your favorite wines and finest stemware. Additionally, a Las Vegas custom cabinets designer can incorporate cabinetry for other entertaining necessities, such as utensils and trays.

Wire closet organizers are a very inexpensive and functional way to make the most of the space in a bathroom closet. This particular type of closet organizer is constructed of some of the finest and strongest materials in the industry of wire closet organizers. It is a great to be installed in the kitchen or pantry, especially the wire baskets and pullout shelves. For the bedroom - not really a great option.

Rubbermaid closet organizer kits sell like nothing else. With efficient solutions for closet bard ventilated shelves and shoeboxes theres nothing you cant do with Rubbermaid organizers. It is one such company that has custom closet organizers for any storage need or preference. Choose from rods, racks, shelves, baskets, and much more.

Create valuable space in your closets by storing your sweaters and clothing accessories in a Tweed Hanging Closet Organizer . This hanging sweater bag is a great storage solution for any cluttered closet. Creative Storage features a whole line of closet organizers that make your closet work more efficiently. Optimize your storage space with valet pins, pant racks, pull-down valet rods, pull-out mirrors, wire baskets, wicker baskets, pull-out shelves, pull-down shoe racks, belt racks.

Hanging shelves are a big bonus as part of a bedroom closet organizer and if there is enough room under a shelf, a small drawer can be installed to hold small items. Complete systems for transforming a nightmare closet into a well-organized storage are with a ready-made bedroom closet organizer. Hanging closet rods take the squeeze out of crammed closets and give your garments more breathing room to keep apparel wrinkle-free. This clothes rod is easy to use - no installation, it simply hangs up and works with any existing closet rod.

Kitchens have always been the focus of any home, and that trend is only increasing. In older homes kitchens are often the largest room in the house. Kitchen closets are often the most neglected closet areas in the home. There are many different things that are placed in a kitchen closet.

Designed with tweed fabric and faux leather accents, the clothes organizer will look great in any closet. Designed with a reinforced hanging system, it can hold a number of sweaters, jeans and other garments. Each shelf of the hanging sweater organizer is reinforced with a wire frame to provide stability when the unit is full. Design one to include all of the closet drawers you'll need and easily include space for computers, desk chairs, even additional lighting underneath closet cabinets or shelving. It's the fast way to organizing your home office and giving it a stylish facelift at the same time.

Shelves in there can be broken to get dividers, which will be known as sections. From here on, your mind comes to help you on the process of sorting the closet. Shelves save space, come in various adjustable sizes and give a tidy look to your closet. You can also introduce bins as a part of your closet for storing certain essential things.

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Most people find that after getting rid of clutter, keeping closets organized is an ongoing challenge. Your goal is to be able to see items and be able to reach the things you use on a daily or weekly basis. Make that a reality by implementing the following home organizing tips.

Entryway Closets

Narrow Shelving - This type of shelving is great for hats, gloves and scarves on doors or walls for easy access.

Plastic Drawers and Containers - These are perfect for storing each family member's assortment of gloves, mittens, and hats. Larger containers work well on higher shelves for storing supplies of any kind.

Hallway cabinet - This may be a solution to a crowded hall closet and can be used to store temporarily those items that are going out the door, such as, clothing to be altered or to the cleaners, items going to the repair shop, or packages and letters to be mailed.

Clothes Closets

Wire Shoe Racks - One of the best ways to keep your shoes neat and orderly is to purchase wire shoe racks. They attach to the wall and have a brace to keep them at a slant. If you don't have wall space to spare, shoe bags that hang on the back of the door or a shoe rack that sits on the floor or a closet shelf also work well. Seasonal or very dressy shoes that you seldom wear can be stored in their original boxes in the back of the closet or in a store room.

Shelf Dividers - These are excellent for keeping stacks of sweaters or purses in place. One available source is the Lillian Vernon catalog and website.

Add A Shelf - Do you need another shelf in a small walk-in closet? A home organizing tip to use today is to put a shelf inside the closet above the door for items that you seldom use.

Linen Closets

Plastic bins - These are always ideal for items, such as, sewing supplies, medications, bath products and hair accessories. Choose bins with drawers or a lid depending on your needs.

Add A Shelf - Purchase several wire shelves to use in your closets. They work especially well in the linen closet to provide more space for storing towels, washcloths and hand towels.

Battery-operated light - One of the greatest objects to simply attach to the wall in any closet in your home is a battery-operated light! Buy one for each of your unlit closets!

Now that you have de-cluttered your closets, it is time to decide how to keep those closets organized. There are very useful containers and gadgets on the market to help you with this task. Let's look at several of these products that will help make your closets stay more organized.

Entryway Closets

Stacking plastic drawers - These are ideal for storing family member's hats, gloves and mittens.

Clear plastic containers - They work well for storing supplies on higher shelves.

Checklist - As a last minute reminder for family members, a checklist of what they need to take with them works wonders! You might want to laminate it and attach it to the inside of the hall closet door.

Clothes Closets

Wire shoe rack shelves - One of my favorite closet accessories is wire shoe rack shelves. Check with organizing stores, home d├ęcor stores or online stores for these.

Hat boxes - Even if you don't wear hats, hat boxes work well for accessories and bathing suits as well as other small articles of clothing. Plus, they are decorative!

Movable plastic dressers - These are ideal to put in the space under short-hanging clothing. They provide more drawer space and are quite roomy.

Shelf dividers - You can stack clothes higher and still keep them separate. What a great organizing tip for optimizing space in your closet! (You will find them in the Lillian Vernon Catalog and on their website.)

Utility and Linen Closets

Shelf dividers - They are very useful in linen closets to keep stacks of towels and other linens in place.

Wire shelves - These shelves sit on a regular wood closet shelf and double your storage space for linens and toiletries.

Wrapping paper bins - This is a good way to keep your rolls of gift wrap and gift wrapping supplies in one neat and orderly place that will be free from damage. Now is the time to go buy one!

Battery-operated light - One of the greatest objects to simply attach to the wall in any closet in your home is a battery-operated light!

Nobody ever complains about too much closet space. Not only are closets helpful in organizing our possessions, they can help a room, and a home look better because so much stuff can be put away instead of left out to give a look of clutter. Closets can come in different shapes and many sizes, such as walk in closets. If you really want to get the most use out of your closets, you should consider closet organizers.

Most closets have doors. Doors are important in closets, so most people prefer to have them. They keep everything out of sight, and can even be considered a part of the decoration of the room, such as when they are covered with a mirror,or have an interesting pattern such as raised panels. When the closet door is closed, all of the potential mess is out of sight of your guests.

In areas where you do not have a lot of room for traditional doors that swing open, the best solution is folding doors. These are very handy since they give you all of the advantages of swinging doors, but take up half of the room when they are opened. The rails that come with folding closet doors should be of good quality so that the door can open and close easily and smoothly. If you install a light inside the closet, you can hook it up so that the light goes on automatically when you open the folding doors. This is a very handy feature when you need to find something in hate back of a closet.

Sliding doors also work well to allow you extra space in the room. If the walls allow for it, it is really good to have sliding doors that can slide into the adjoining wall. These types of doors are called "pocket" doors, since they slide into a pocket in the wall. For additional ease of use, you may even consider install a motor that could open and close the sliding doors automatically.

If your room is small, a great idea that many decorators recommend is to cover your closet door with a mirror. This serves a dual purpose, since you will have a mirror when you are getting dressed, and the mirror will make the room appear larger. A mirror such as this can be installed on just about any closet door, and can either be half or full.

If you have recently gotten married or moved into a home shared with your significant other, you may have encountered one small conflict that did not cross your mind before making the move – sharing your life also means sharing that precious real estate in your closet!

If you have become accustomed to the freedom of your own private closet for a while, you may now be experiencing some unexpected challenges that go along with merging two people’s possessions into one bedroom closet. If your own closet was marred with clutter that left you searching through mounds of clothing, shoes, and accessories, adding years worth of your partner’s collected possessions to the mix may render the closet inaccessible altogether. Here we offer some organization techniques to help you and your partner merge your possessions so that you can enjoy harmony in both your closet and your relationship.

-Start with a clean slate: If the two of you already live together and the bedroom closet is full, start by removing everything from the closet. An empty closet is the best way to begin if you want to creatively maximize your space without the preexisting scheme interfering.

-Purge. Both you and your partner should make an honest assessment of your collective belongings and determine what should be kept, what should be tossed and what you can donate or give away. Minimize the quantity of items that must be stored in the closet as much as possible.

-Strategize. Everything that you kept in your own closet may not be logical to store in the closet you now share with your partner. Prioritize keeping items such as clothing, suits, dresses, shoes, ties, and belts in the bedroom closet, and consider other storage options for extras that do not fit well. For instance, coats and jackets may find a better home in a hallway or entry way closet, and items such as sporting equipment and backpacks can be moved to a garage or basement.

-Give and take: One of you likely needs more storage space inside the closet due to having more possessions, and a 50/50 square footage split is not a logical solution for most couples. Dividing space in the closet disproportionately is perfectly acceptable, but you may need to rethink your plan if items belonging to one partner claim 95% of the closet.

-Splurge on the right organizers. A man and woman sharing one closet equates to a hodgepodge of neckties, stilettos, scarves, belts, sandals, the list goes on. Remember, the goal is to make the items in the closet accessible and, possibly more importantly, easily returned to where they belong. A tie rack, belt rack or a combination unit makes an excellent closet organization tool. Additionally, a solution must be found for shoes. Stacking shoe shelves, hanging shoe organizers and individual plastic shoe boxes are good options to consider for containing what would be a mountain of intermingled shoes just waiting to make you late.

More often than not, people find it hard to live in a place full of clutter. A disorganized and disheveled environment is a source of stress and headaches. You find it hard to function well and you also take up more time and effort than normal when you are in a cluttered location. The same is true with your closet. Going through piles and piles of clothing to get to one pair of pants or a shirt will leave you harassed and unsatisfied. And that's not all: think of the storage space this clutter takes up!.

If you do not want clutter in your closet, organizing it is the perfect solution for you. Why not set up a closet organizer? This ingenious way of storing your clothes not only save you the time in retrieving what you want to wear, it also saves up on the storage space you really need. Closet organizers come in pre-assembled pieces but if your on a tight budget and buying one is costly for you, you can simply purchase storage bins and hangers that are inexpensive but serve the same purpose.

Try to have as much floor space as possible for your closet. You can opt to buy hangers that not only complement your closet they also hold up to 60 pounds of clothing. You can choose hangers that can be closed when not in use. This way, you save up much of the storage space you will need. You can also choose to put up some shelves on one side of your closet to put your folded clothes on. Having shelves will surely make retrieval easier. Transparent drawers are also a great idea for organizing your undies and accessories. You can easily see what's inside a drawer and this way, you save up time looking for an item. You can also purchase a shoe rack and put it on the bottom of your closet. Storage and retrieval of shoes are made easier with a functional shoe rack. Try to utilize the back of your closet door, too! You can install hooks to hang hats and caps on it.

After organizing your clothes though, try to maintain the orderliness of your arrangement because you yourself are the key to an organized and neat looking closet. If you keep these ideas in mind, surely you are on your way to a having a nice organized closet and can enjoy a stress-free and relaxing day.

Keeping your wardrobe up to date is easy if you start by sorting through all your unwanted clothing and donate it to charities.

I'm always looking for people to give my daughter's outgrown clothes to. Every 2 months or so my daughter and I sort through her clothes and make one pile for charities, and another pile for the consignment store.

I've found to keep your child's wardrobe up to date (and your own for that matter), you have to regularly go through and weed out the outgrown and unwanted clothes. If you don't you just end up with closets and bags, and often even piles of unwanted clothing that will never be worn again. After awhile it just gets to the point where you don't know where to start. Making cleaning out your clothes closet a regular routine will save you a lot of time and energy later down the road and even help you to keep your wardrobe up to date. It takes us an hour at the most to go though our clothes and sort them out. When you do this regularly you'll find you don't need as many pieces of clothing you maybe thought you did, and you actually wear and enjoy the clothing you do have. My winter and summer clothing both fit into half of our small closet, and I no longer find my family's outgrown and unwanted clothing stored all around the house.

So what can you do with unwanted clothes? The easiest thing to do is donate them to charities. Good Will, Salvation Army, women's shelters, and other charities are always looking for donations, and they will often come right to your front door to pick up your unwanted clothing for you.

If your clothing is still in really good condition and you want to take the time, you can consign your in-season clothing and make a few extra dollars. Check your local Yellow Pages for consignment store listings.

I saw a great idea on TV that I thought would be fun to try sometime. A group of women got together in someone's home and brought their unwanted clothing to share with each other. Someone took the time to organize the clothing and display it attractively, and then the women got together and took home their pick of clothing. They could take whatever they liked as long as they had contributed some of their own clothing. It was neat how the event was organized. The women had make-shift dressing rooms where they could try on clothing and refreshments were served while the women visited with one another. It looked like a lot of fun and a great way to update your wardrobe. This can also be done with children's clothing and toys.

The next time you look into your family's closets and see even one article of clothing that hasn't been worn in the past 6 months, maybe it's time to sort through them and pass some of the clothing along. The more organized your closets are, the more easily you and your family will be able to find the clothing you truly love to wear.

This one may seem like a no brainer, clean out your closets and donate the items to your local Goodwill or homeless shelter.

However most people clean out there closets and save it to sell the items at a garage sale. I really think that the time and energy you spend setting up the garage sale could be spent doing more important things! I mean think about how much money do you think you would actually make at a garage sale? I'm thinking maybe, if you are lucky, a couple hundred dollars. That is nothing compared to the impact you can make on someone else's life if you were to just give it away.

Now I know cleaning out your closets completely could take weeks, maybe even years, LOL! But I have a few tips to help make this daunting task a little bit easier, and hopefully it will turn into one of your many beneficial habits!

* Buy a storage tote, or container and put it somewhere that is easily accessible, like a closet, laundry room, or bedroom.

* Then whenever you come across a piece of clothing that either is to big (don't we wish), to small, or is so out of style and you wouldn't be caught dead in it, throw it in the tote. This is especially nice if you have kids, because we all know how fast kids grow out of their clothes. If you see a toy your kids don't play with anymore, throw it in the tote.

* Then once a week clean out a section in your closet, or a shelf on your bookcase, and put everything you don't use or want anymore in the tote.

* Make it a rule that whenever that tote is full, you are going to take everything to your local Goodwill store or a homeless shelter.

It really doesn't get any easier than that! This is such a simple and effective way you can make a difference in someone else's life. If we all just did our part then this world would be a much better place. Share your blessings!

Most of us are living in rental spaces or homes that we lovingly shopped for and chose. Regardless of whether you love your apartment or house, the same can not often be said for the size or design of the storage areas that came with these homes. Given the opportunity to design a house with perfect closets, what are the important things to consider before actually deciding on how big your closets really should be?

Here are some tips and ideas which may help when you thinking about the real purpose of your storage. Proper closet design and space allocation will result in a well functioning house where you have a good balance between living and storage space.

Before the current trend towards closet makeovers, creating extra storage space where there was none before and oversized walk-in ensuite closets, our storage options were often limited to just the essential 'tiny square closet with a clothes rod and a hat shelf'. Now with renovation projects creating new and imaginative storage spaces, and new construction allocating space for large walk-in closets, you need to give more thought as to what makes a good closet design, since it's harder to make a larger storage space effective without proper planning.

So the first big question when designing each of your storage areas is whether it should be a walk-in or not. The biggest factor for most people will be the space (and therefore cost) that a walk-in closet requires. If that's not a concern for you, then the second question should be "do I really need a walk-in closet"? Remember, if you have too much storage space, it will typically be used, and the danger of clutter is just as much a concern as if you have too little room to store your items.

Even though you have the option to design a bigger storage space, you may decide that this isn't actually the most effective decision in certain cases. If so, then just remember that small closets require just as much effort in the design process in order to create efficiently functioning storage spaces. Especially since space is limited, an oversight in the design process, such as an opening which is too small, may end up wasting valuable storage space.

Whether you closet is large or small, it will be essential to install good lighting, which will light all corners of the closet. There is nothing worse than not having enough lighting so that you can't see what is at the back of shelves or under ledges. Make sure that the lighting you install is positioned in a way that the shelving and objects stored don't block the light, and also keep in mind the shadow you will cast when you are looking for something in your closet.

The last thing to consider is the style of shelving, compartments, racks and hangers that you require in order to store all of your belongings. There are wonderful storage rack designs these days that offer a number of pull-down, pull-out, or swing-away options which let you store your belongings neatly, but allow you to put them out of the way of other items when you don't need them. Make sure to install enough shelves etc so everything has a place, but don't add too many so that you end up having to move items in order to access other items.

Remember that designing your closet to maximize the amount of stuff that you can store is important, but if you cram too much stuff into your closets, then the effectiveness is minimized if you can't actually quickly find what you are looking for, or there isn't a good spot to put the items you are trying to put away. Make sure the organizer system you choose has enough compartments or drawers or shelves to easily store everything you are storing.

Wardrobe closets do help wonders in helping you in organizing the cluttered clothes in your bedroom and provides extra storage for your other belongings like your precious jewelries. Therefore, start organizing and shelving your clothes according to its frequency in usage and your preference. Which among your clothes are your favorites? They should be at the top for easier accessibility.

Do not just organize them or put them in shelves but they must be matched and paired too! You will not like to find yourself spending the last minute mix and matching or troubleshooting the mismatch. It has to be constantly taken care of and maintained in a proper condition. Like any other furniture, it needs regular cleaning and polishing. The clothes inside it deserve an equally tidy and presentable organizer.

Everybody wants to be in an organized and tidy environment but many are in need of your little extra clothing. Donate them to charities and save yourself from so much possible clutter, in case you cannot maintain your wardrobe closets like you have started. With this, you will be able to create an extra storage for your future clothing purchases.

Get yourself nicely designed wardrobe closets. Many manufacturers are aware that a closet organization system is not just for organizing and shelving but also designing.

Remember, your choice speaks so much about you so you have to make sure it is not just trendy but also durable for its very purpose. Pick wardrobe closets that are stylish, sturdy and perfectly matches your current bedroom design.

Get rid of unused clothes, organize the frequently used and design or get a customized wardrobe for a better and cozier living. Wardrobe closets could either enhance your bedroom organization or destroy its coordination depending how carefully it is chosen. The work does not end on selection process alone though, you still have to maintain it so you can enjoy its organizing benefits a little longer. Maintenance is not a heavy task at all; you just have to treat it like your most beloved furniture.

By Naomi Smith

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For those wanting to live a green lifestyle that still need a great custom closet, manufacturers have created a full range of different products. Materials include metal, plastics, cardboard, and wood composites. Some manufacturers use reclaimed wood items and renewable resources. The systems themselves vary, from individual components to units you can piece together on your own to fully built wood closets that give you the organization busy lifestyles need.

Here are just some of the options you have available to you.

Wood Composite Closets

Green certified wood products provide you with the beauty of a traditional wood custom closet without the environment paying the high price. They are made by combining wood cellulosic fibers with resin to create a hard, smooth material without the knots and graining issues that are normally cut out of wood. Manufacturers of certified products also control the formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals usually given off during the forming of the material.

These materials include particleboard, medium-density fiberboard, and hardboard that provide you with premium quality closets and fashionable designs. In addition to this, decorative surfaces manufactured using similar methods make stunning counter tops. When choosing a custom closet manufacturer, ask if they use Environmentally Preferable Products or EPP.

Metal And Plastic Racks And Custom Closet Shelving

Both metal and plastic closets are gaining in popularity. Available in individual pieces that fit together to create a DIY storage system, they are an inexpensive option ideal for those renting a home or for those looking to relocate in the future. The plastic does break more often and become brittle with age. The metal lasts far longer, but many dislike the industrial look it gives the space.

The manufacturing of these products is harsh on the environment. Some find another downside to these products is that they are often difficult to fit together properly, and many times don't fit in the space in a way that maximizes the available space because they come in predetermined sizes.

Reclaimed Materials

Storage solutions constructed from reclaimed material are not as popular as the previous two solutions, but they do benefit the environment. Instead of working with new materials, manufacturers use previously used materials such as desks, doors, and other items to create new organizers and products.

This craftsmanship does come at a price. One of the main costs is the price itself. While the materials used are extremely affordable, it takes a large amount of time and expertise to make new products look like new. As a result, the items created with this eco-friendly solution can have poor quality if you fail to choose the right manufacturer.

For the environmentally friendly consumer in search of a custom closet, Chicago and area consumers have these and many more solutions from which to choose. Composites provide endless choices for flawless design and quality. Metal and plastic give you the opportunity to move your closets with you. The best reclaimed system is the one that provides you with the opportunity to prevent the use of additional materials. The right choice depends on you, your lifestyle, and your storage needs.

A house is never really a home until everything in it -- including your custom closets -- reveals a little something about your and who you are. You can buy a complete room full of furniture from a standard furniture store, but that is exactly what it is -- standard. These pieces do not display any real personality or story. These items can be a start, but in the end, you need to be the creator and designer of a home.

Choosing The Right Colors And Textures

Clothing tells the story of an individual faster than any other object. The dominate colors, patterns, and textures you find in your custom closets will transfer easily to your home. Select one of your 'can't-live-without' tones and arrange them into a color palate. Monochromatic, complimentary, tetradic, or other color schemes will all work. It simply depends on you.

You want to select textures and patterns for the room in much the same way. You might notice a large amount of soft chenille with some tweed or silk piece. When you transform this to your space, you don't have to use chenille with tweed or silk. Simply carry similar textures across and ensure you have a good mix.

Mix Old With The New

New furniture and decor items give off a feeling of prestige into the room, but used items give the space a unique personality. Second hand stores are rich with these interesting pieces. You may also want to check your attic, talk to your parents, and check with your grandparents to see what types of items they have. Some of the items may even have special stories and sentimental value making them priceless so long as they stay with you.

Small decor items work in the same manner as the furniture. Keep in mind that you don't need a large amount of items to make an impact -- a few special items on the shelves of your custom closets and throughout the space. You may even decide to choose a favorite piece and design the rest of the space around it.

Use Custom Closets Wisely

Nothing ruins the look of an expertly decorated room faster than poor utilization of space. Clear out all of the unwanted clutter from shelves and decide what items will stay and which items can go elsewhere. Then, separate everything into piles according to what they are and what they need in terms of storage solutions.

Once you have everything back in, you will need to hide the unpleasant clutter. Baskets and doors on your cabinets work wonders for this. You may also want to distract from areas you can't hide by adding conversation pieces. Visitors will see the areas that are less than perfect, but their attention will go to the great decor items you have added to the mix.

The secret of a home that reflects the essence of who you really are depends on your selection of furniture, decor, and the organization of your space and custom closets. Chicago homes and those across the country should never be a cookie cutter design. Stories, interesting items, colors, and textures all come together to create the perfect picture of you.

With many of today's homes being 500 square feet or less, closet organizers have to be nothing short of pure genius to make the space work and work well. Custom closets are not just for storage in small homes. If you are wondering how to get more space in your bedroom or living room, or if you just need space, then here are some design ideas for space challenged rooms.

Bedroom Custom Closets

Beds can quickly eat up more than half of the available space in a bedroom. When you consider how much time is spent in them, it is a shameful waste of space. A fold down model, commonly referred to as a Murphy bed, is one available option for a custom closet. Some have false door fronts, but for added storage, others have shallow drawers with a bracket and locking system.

Yet another great idea is to incorporate a roll-up bed into the bottom of a storage unit. This looks like a regular drawer when everything is closed up, but unrolls into a full bed when you pull it out. You can also incorporate pull out nightstands on either side. Instead of bedside lamps that are simply not an option with either option, have under-cabinet lighting installed.

Closet Organizers For Living Rooms

Living rooms clutter up quickly because of the many activities that go on in them throughout the day. Design custom closets to hold the electronics you like to use and the items that seem to collect in the room. Built in file cabinets are ideal for magazines, bills, and paper items you keep in the room. If you like to read, add a bookshelf with shelves at different heights to save space. Media compartments are perfect for movie lovers.

Once you know what you want to keep inside the storage system, it is time for the aesthetic details. Doors are a must to hide the clutter and keep the dust out. Decorative crown moldings, accents, and columns can turn a plain cabinet into a beautiful focal point. If you have heating systems, fireplaces, or other immovable items, include them in your design rather than going without the organization. You might find that fireplaces and heat systems are more effective after the installation of the organizational unit with the right deflectors.

Home Offices

The beauty of having a home office is that you don't need a designated room with the right style of closet organizers. The key here is compact and easy-to-store in your custom closets. Keyboard drawers, CPU slidable cubbies, printer drawers, lateral file cabinets, and a small side slide out surface for your mouse if you need to. The work surface can slide out, flip down, or even fold out to give you the space needed to be productive. When folded up, it can cover additional shelving or even be mounted to the bottom of a Murphy bed.

Whether you have a tiny New York apartment or need more space in your home in Las Vegas, custom closets are the single most effective way to get small homes working for you. Design your closet organizers to work with the area you have and incorporate these ideas to match your personal habits, hobbies, and needs. You'll find you can double your room and breathe.

For anyone working at home or mixing work and personal space, custom closets become the center of your work area. They need to hold everything you need for your business. What else does your home office need? It has to have a specific area for each activity that occurs in the room. Whether you are just starting a home based business or are already working at home, getting organized and making it easy to keep that way is the only way to maximize your productivity and increase your income.

Dividing The Workspace

The first step is to go into the room and make a list of everything that happens in your office. This might include a production space, a bookkeeping area, a storage area, and maybe even a place for the kids to play. Any activities that don't have to be in the space should go to another room - mixing your personal space and workspace makes it difficult to separate the two. The next step is to measure the room and divide it into designated spaces. It is best to measure the furniture as well to avoid having to move the furniture more than once. When it comes to storage space, decide what you have so you can design custom closets to suit your individual needs.

Determine The Layout

The way you set up your home office will greatly determine the convenience and flow of the space. If you have a production area that requires the use of your computer, it may be best to put the two areas together. Since both will require supplies and storage to some degree, try to put both areas close to the storage. Depending on the amount of space in the room, you may be able to have two custom closets - one for each space. If you have young children, consider placing them close to the door so they do not have to walk through your space to go in and out.

Space Design

With each area in your home office, decide how the furniture needs of each will fit into the space, and then decide on a storage solution for each. In many cases, this will mean dividing the custom closets into sections. When doing this, design them so that office supplies are in one section, materials for production are in another, and so on until all of your materials will have a designated home.

Smaller items might do best in a divided drawer, unruly items can go into baskets, and larger supplies can stand in divided shelving. The idea is to keep everything separated while minimizing the amount of unused space (above and beside) in each compartment. When you set it up, make sure you don't need to move something out of the way to get at other items behind it. The more inconvenient something is to get at the less likely you are to keep it neat and organized.

Whether you live in a large house in Atlanta or a studio apartment in Chicago, custom closets and an organized home office have to meet your needs. You will notice your work goes faster and easier. The urge to scream in frustration goes away so you can work in a stress free environment. Make your space work for you and not the other way around!

About the Author: Christine O'Kelly writes for the leading Chicago custom closets supplier, Closet Works. They have more than 20 years experience designing, creating, and installing Chicago closets.

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Surprisingly, most people think it is too expensive to hire a closet organizer to get their closets under control. It is actually a cost effective investment, paying off in the form of saving you time, work, and money. Being organized also feels good and has the added bonus of making more room for you to accumulate more stuff!

By hiring a closet organizer, you will enjoy the benefits an organized and functional closet provides without going broke. When seeking to organize your closets, consider the following four reasons that demonstrate why hiring a closet organizer makes good sense.

Organized Closets Save You Time

An organized closet allows you to find things in a timelier manner. You won't miss the time you used to spend rifling through your possessions trying to find the match to your left running shoe. The shoe will be there, matched up with its mate, in your specially designed shoe organizer that houses all of your shoes so they are easily accessed at any second. A closet organizer can make a place for everything you own in your closets. All you have to do is maintain your organized closet after your organizational expert does all the initial work.

Hiring A Closet Organizer Saves You Work

When you hire a closet organizer, you free yourself from having to do the organization. Organizing a closet is hard work that includes separating items into like groups, designing a storage solution, installing a storage solution, and organizing and tweaking the final closet until it is perfect. Your closet organizer can organize your closets while you go about your day. Once your organizational expert has finished, you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Your only work will be in maintaining everything the organizational expert accomplished.

Professional Organizers Make Small Closets Feel Large

Many Las Vegas closets are notoriously small, especially in older homes when builders didn't consider large closets a virtue. By utilizing the skills of a closet organizer, you can make your small closets feel huge. A professional organizer can quickly and cost effectively turn a small closet into an efficiently organized storage solution without knocking down walls to build a bigger closet.

Organizational Experts Have The Best Tools And Equipment

A pre-packaged closet organization system that you buy and the local discount store may seem more cost effective than hiring an organizing expert, but it usually isn't. A professional organizer will build custom sturdy, long lasting shelves, racks, and other organizers that just aren't available in pre-packaged kits.

You may not have the proper tools or knowledge to safely install a closet system. It is a waste of time to spend two hours putting together a pre-packaged kit just to have it fall apart when you hang something on it. Many pre-packaged kits may also not fit the dimensions of your closets. By hiring a professional organizer, you receive a quality storage solution, custom fitted to the dimensions of your closet that will be installed by an expert.

Getting your closets organized may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. By hiring a closet organizer who can provide you with the best storage solutions, you can enjoy the benefits of an organized closet and an organized life.

Christine O'Kelly is an author for Crowne Closets, a closet organizer in Las Vegas that offers custom Las Vegas closets and organized storage solutions.

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