For anyone working at home or mixing work and personal space, custom closets become the center of your work area. They need to hold everything you need for your business. What else does your home office need? It has to have a specific area for each activity that occurs in the room. Whether you are just starting a home based business or are already working at home, getting organized and making it easy to keep that way is the only way to maximize your productivity and increase your income.

Dividing The Workspace

The first step is to go into the room and make a list of everything that happens in your office. This might include a production space, a bookkeeping area, a storage area, and maybe even a place for the kids to play. Any activities that don't have to be in the space should go to another room - mixing your personal space and workspace makes it difficult to separate the two. The next step is to measure the room and divide it into designated spaces. It is best to measure the furniture as well to avoid having to move the furniture more than once. When it comes to storage space, decide what you have so you can design custom closets to suit your individual needs.

Determine The Layout

The way you set up your home office will greatly determine the convenience and flow of the space. If you have a production area that requires the use of your computer, it may be best to put the two areas together. Since both will require supplies and storage to some degree, try to put both areas close to the storage. Depending on the amount of space in the room, you may be able to have two custom closets - one for each space. If you have young children, consider placing them close to the door so they do not have to walk through your space to go in and out.

Space Design

With each area in your home office, decide how the furniture needs of each will fit into the space, and then decide on a storage solution for each. In many cases, this will mean dividing the custom closets into sections. When doing this, design them so that office supplies are in one section, materials for production are in another, and so on until all of your materials will have a designated home.

Smaller items might do best in a divided drawer, unruly items can go into baskets, and larger supplies can stand in divided shelving. The idea is to keep everything separated while minimizing the amount of unused space (above and beside) in each compartment. When you set it up, make sure you don't need to move something out of the way to get at other items behind it. The more inconvenient something is to get at the less likely you are to keep it neat and organized.

Whether you live in a large house in Atlanta or a studio apartment in Chicago, custom closets and an organized home office have to meet your needs. You will notice your work goes faster and easier. The urge to scream in frustration goes away so you can work in a stress free environment. Make your space work for you and not the other way around!

About the Author: Christine O'Kelly writes for the leading Chicago custom closets supplier, Closet Works. They have more than 20 years experience designing, creating, and installing Chicago closets.

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