A house is never really a home until everything in it -- including your custom closets -- reveals a little something about your and who you are. You can buy a complete room full of furniture from a standard furniture store, but that is exactly what it is -- standard. These pieces do not display any real personality or story. These items can be a start, but in the end, you need to be the creator and designer of a home.

Choosing The Right Colors And Textures

Clothing tells the story of an individual faster than any other object. The dominate colors, patterns, and textures you find in your custom closets will transfer easily to your home. Select one of your 'can't-live-without' tones and arrange them into a color palate. Monochromatic, complimentary, tetradic, or other color schemes will all work. It simply depends on you.

You want to select textures and patterns for the room in much the same way. You might notice a large amount of soft chenille with some tweed or silk piece. When you transform this to your space, you don't have to use chenille with tweed or silk. Simply carry similar textures across and ensure you have a good mix.

Mix Old With The New

New furniture and decor items give off a feeling of prestige into the room, but used items give the space a unique personality. Second hand stores are rich with these interesting pieces. You may also want to check your attic, talk to your parents, and check with your grandparents to see what types of items they have. Some of the items may even have special stories and sentimental value making them priceless so long as they stay with you.

Small decor items work in the same manner as the furniture. Keep in mind that you don't need a large amount of items to make an impact -- a few special items on the shelves of your custom closets and throughout the space. You may even decide to choose a favorite piece and design the rest of the space around it.

Use Custom Closets Wisely

Nothing ruins the look of an expertly decorated room faster than poor utilization of space. Clear out all of the unwanted clutter from shelves and decide what items will stay and which items can go elsewhere. Then, separate everything into piles according to what they are and what they need in terms of storage solutions.

Once you have everything back in, you will need to hide the unpleasant clutter. Baskets and doors on your cabinets work wonders for this. You may also want to distract from areas you can't hide by adding conversation pieces. Visitors will see the areas that are less than perfect, but their attention will go to the great decor items you have added to the mix.

The secret of a home that reflects the essence of who you really are depends on your selection of furniture, decor, and the organization of your space and custom closets. Chicago homes and those across the country should never be a cookie cutter design. Stories, interesting items, colors, and textures all come together to create the perfect picture of you.


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