Have you ever opened your guest room closet door only to be greeted by a stale, musty odor that has permeated your clothing and anything else stored there? It literally seems to saturate anything stored in that space, including books, clothing, coats, shoes, seasonal items, and other things, and the smell can be very hard to get rid of. Instead of dealing with the smell, prevent it by keeping closets smelling fresh with sachets in a variety of shapes, sizes, and scents. These are some of the most common scent options:

Lavender is a mild sachet scent option that works great and has been used for centuries for just this purpose, in order to keep closets and other methods of storage fresh. People have been utilizing the mildly sweet and soothing scent of lavender to refresh body, soul, and mind for many years, and it works great in small tight places or large open ones. Because the smell is mild and disperses quickly in a breeze, it is a good option for those who get headaches that are triggered by scent.

Pine is also a very common scent choice, but it can be overwhelming if you are not careful with the brand name that you choose. For those who want a pine scented sachet in the closet to keep things smelling fresh, be sure to choose a name brand instead of a store brand. Cheap imitations often overpower the entire space in pine, and it can saturate everything inside just as heavily as the musty stale odor you are trying to avoid. No scent is a good one if it is overwhelming.

Floral scent sachets have waned in popularity, but milder scents are becoming trendy again as new ideas are introduced that are less overwhelming. Although the name implies a wonderful walk through your flower garden, most floral scents more closely resemble those cans of bathroom freshener that we all avoid in the grocery store. Be wary of any scent that you cannot first smell for yourself, and consider a different selection if the scent seems strong at first. In cases like this, it is better to make a different choice than to be bowled over by the smell of cheap flowers later; and if you discover that the scent is acceptable later, sachets are very easy to swap out.

More modern ideas such as charcoal make a lot of sense if you want freshness without scent in your sachet. It may sound odd at first, but charcoal seems to soak up the scent without dispersing its own scent, meaning that you eliminate staleness and mustiness without adding any other scent. People with medical problems such as chronic illnesses made worse by scent, frequent headaches, allergy problems, and similar issues can choose to keep the closet fresh by using a charcoal sachet that neutralizes the odor. Charcoal is also a very eco-friendly idea, especially when combined with environmentally friendly packaging such as a bamboo sachet pillow or closet hanger.

Redecorating a home is always exciting; with new colors, styles and ideas to explore. No more so is this excitement to be found than when freshening up a bedroom, to create a perfect relaxing space. However, one area which is not often considered here is the closet dors.

In many ways this is surprising, as they are such an essential part of any bedroom. Indeed, for those that are on a budget, simply replacing the closet doors can afford a great new look. Naturally though, it is important that exactly the right look and style is chosen, whilst it is critical to make sure that they are the right dimensions for the space as well.

If replacing an older set, the first thing to do is to measure the height and the width of the closet doors. This is usually best done by removing them, and laying them out flat somewhere. This allows for the measurements to be taken accurately, and prevents any mistakes being made regards the tape measure slipping and the like.

If buying new furniture, the measurements should be provided by the staff in store and, they will be able to recommend on what types of door can be used. When deciding the many types available, it is worth considering how the space will be used.

For example, including mirrors into the equation can work extremely well; creating space and creating a focal point. In smaller rooms in particular this is an excellent idea; where there may not be enough wall space for a mirror to be hung independently.

Further than this, incorporating a mirror into sliding closet doors is a great look, and saves space as they do not have to open out into the room. Bi-folding options can also work very well to save space in much the same way, and some stunning effects can be achieved with these.

This is not the only clever way to work however, as much can be done with the inside of the doors too; incorporating space-saving ideas such as pockets into them. This will not work with sliding or bi fold of course, but with regular outward opening ones, they can be used to great effect.

There are a great many options available today, and there are some excellent deals to be had online in particular. If buying on the internet though, it is ever more essential that the measurements be right because, though returns can probably be made, it will create an awful lot of unnecessary hassle.

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