It is a fact that women are interested in closets more than men. The idea of having a big closet to organize and have fun with excites many women while men show no interest in that at all. Men usually want little to do with a closet and don't care one way or another what it looks like. This means that when you have a big master bedroom closet, the woman of the house is in charge of deciding what it will look like and how it will be used.

Only the bigger more expensive homes used to have walk in closets but now they are becoming more common in all types of homes. If you do have a large master bedroom closet, you will probably be looking for ways to manage the extra space. Typically women will have no problem figuring out what to do with all the extra room, as they own a lot more clothes and shoes than a man.

Anytime a woman walks into a big closet, you can almost hear her mind thinking of all the ways she would like to use the space. On the other hand, a man will have little interest in a closet of any size. This means that walk in closets are good for both parties because the woman will want to take over the space and the man won't care. This will make them both happy.

Some closets now are so big that they need light in them. Many walk in closets in expensive modern homes are almost the size of a small room and you need to figure out the best lighting solution. They may come with one light on the ceiling but that light may not be sufficient to properly light the area. You will then have to install more lights or bring in a lamp or two to do the job. A favorite lighting solution is track lighting that will look great and highlight the different areas of the closet that you want.

If you have a big closet, you will need to determine how much space each person gets. Usually, 75% of the closet will go to the woman and the man will be left with about 25%. This is because women often have a lot more shoes and clothes than men and they need the extra space. Actually they want the extra space too whether they have more clothes or not. Luckily, men don't usually care about such things and are agreeable to whatever makes their wives happy, at least in the world of closets!


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