A walk in closet can be a fantastic inclusion in any home. Unfortunately, many people allow them to turn into nightmares they are afraid to open and use. There are ways to get the most out of these storage spaces and keep them clean and useful, too.

Closet organizing systems can be very useful, but it is also possible to craft a storage system at home. The key to using this space to its best advantage is to size it up, consider what really needs to go in it and then make sure things fit as they should where they should. When a walk in closet is maximized in its storage capacity, these mini-rooms can handle a whole lot of stuff in a fairly neat manner.

To whip a walk in closet into shape, it's a good idea to follow a few basic steps. These include:

* Emptying them.
This is the step no one wants to take, but it is the most important for organizing a walk in closet. Take everything out and go through it. Create three piles: one to keep, one to throw away and one that includes items that really belong elsewhere in a home.

* Sizing up the space.
The next step is to take stock in how the closet is configured and what would be the best use of it. Also, take a look at the "go back in" pile and see what's in it. Perhaps, a few hanging brackets could be removed for a floor to ceiling shelving system? Maybe there are enough shoes to constitute a special storage shelf under one of the hanging units? Brainstorm the best way to put a walk in closet back together in order.

* Find the right organizing materials.
Small shelving units, hanging shoe shelves and other similar devices can help when a full walk in closet organizing system is too expensive to buy. Get creative here and really consider the size, shape and amount of items that need to go back in.

* Put everything back in.
Use the new materials to store what is supposed to go on or in them. Try to make sure everything in the walk in closet is easy to find.

A closet can either be a great tool for storing items or it can be a disaster that won't hold another item. When a walk in closet needs serious attention, the process can take some time, but the end results will be worth the effort.

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