Closets are miracles of sorts. They keep everything we don't want others to see hidden out of sight. Although the times that you just throw items into it without thinking can make it a bit unorganized and you need to correct this. Take a moment to look at your closet. Is there a shelf in it with items threatening to fall off? Are your clothes constantly falling on the floor when you go to get them out of the closet?

This over flow is an indication that you are holding onto too much. The first thing that has to be done in order to organize your closet is to get rid of things. You don't need clothes and shoes from the seventies and eighties. That pair of bell-bottom hip huggers in paisley print is not coming back in your lifetime. Get rid of it! Take them and all of those clothes that are not within two sizes of what you can actually wear and get rid of them.

Shelves in the top of the closet leave a world of options open for its organization. Clear storage bags preferably those that vacuum seal to take up less room can be utilized to store out of season clothes. Alternatively, they can be hung in sealed compressed bags off into a corner of the closet.

Shoes take up a great deal of space. These are at sky rocketing numbers in most women's closets. Shoe racks are an option that gives a couple of choices. They can either hang on conventional opening doors or sit along the floor of the closet in a row; there is even the option of shoe shelves if the closet is spacious enough.

The top of the closet can be utilized for hat storage if you still wear them. Hats or hatboxes can be lined up neatly across one side and the other side can contain small storage containers of items that you wish to save.

Hanging our clothing individually takes up an extreme amount of space. If you work in an office and wear suits, you can save a lot of space. Hang jackets and pants together. Ties can be hung with the shirts they are commonly worn with. There are also special racks available for hanging belts that allow you to have them all in one place thus taking up less room. Belts that are often worn with a particular suit can be hung over the top of the hanger to hang in front of the suit making them easier to find in the mornings.

Putting these closet organizing tips to work for you will give you more room in the closet as well as peace of mind knowing that one area of your home is in order.

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