Is it really possible to turn the chaos that is your child’s closet into orderly, functional storage space? Yes. But without an organization system in place, a child’s closet will undoubtedly scream pandemonium along with the rest of his or her bedroom. Children should be taught from an early age to take responsibility and pick up after themselves, which begins with having a designated place to put away each of their ever multiplying possessions. With some patience and a strategic closets organization system, you can turn your child’s closet into accessible, convenient storage that you do not have to upkeep yourself.

As with any organization solution, the most frequently used items should be the easiest to access anytime. Toys, clothes, and shoes are probably the most regular travelers in and out of your child’s closet. Whether you choose to design a closet organization system yourself or hire a professional, keep in mind that in order to put away a set of blocks, your child must be able to reach the place that they belong. Determine ahead of time exactly what items need to be located within your child’s reach near the floor, and then concentrate on designing the vertical storage space for items your child does not need to access.

Shelves, bins and baskets can play an important role in bringing order to the closet in a child’s bedroom. Bins provide a great solution for toy storage, and multiple bins will likely be needed for different types of toys. Once you are sure that all of your child’s toys fit into the designated bins, add a label so that your child can easily return toys to the correct bins. Depending on whether your child can read, you may use a drawing of a truck instead of the word “trucks,” for example. Not only does labeling toy bins make identifying the contents easier, it makes putting toys away more fun for children. Adjustable shelves also make a nice addition to a child’s closet since their heights can be increased as the child grows.

Children are not typically concerned with the organization of their closets unless they are taught that organization is important. Instill in your child a sense of responsibility for his or her own messes, and be enthusiastic about putting toys away so that cleaning will not be regarded as a dreadful chore. You may even turn cleaning into a game or a race with a sibling. Whatever your technique, prepare to relax, clean less and enjoy the accomplishments of your more self-sufficient children.

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