Nobody ever complains about too much closet space. Not only are closets helpful in organizing our possessions, they can help a room, and a home look better because so much stuff can be put away instead of left out to give a look of clutter. Closets can come in different shapes and many sizes, such as walk in closets. If you really want to get the most use out of your closets, you should consider closet organizers.

Most closets have doors. Doors are important in closets, so most people prefer to have them. They keep everything out of sight, and can even be considered a part of the decoration of the room, such as when they are covered with a mirror,or have an interesting pattern such as raised panels. When the closet door is closed, all of the potential mess is out of sight of your guests.

In areas where you do not have a lot of room for traditional doors that swing open, the best solution is folding doors. These are very handy since they give you all of the advantages of swinging doors, but take up half of the room when they are opened. The rails that come with folding closet doors should be of good quality so that the door can open and close easily and smoothly. If you install a light inside the closet, you can hook it up so that the light goes on automatically when you open the folding doors. This is a very handy feature when you need to find something in hate back of a closet.

Sliding doors also work well to allow you extra space in the room. If the walls allow for it, it is really good to have sliding doors that can slide into the adjoining wall. These types of doors are called "pocket" doors, since they slide into a pocket in the wall. For additional ease of use, you may even consider install a motor that could open and close the sliding doors automatically.

If your room is small, a great idea that many decorators recommend is to cover your closet door with a mirror. This serves a dual purpose, since you will have a mirror when you are getting dressed, and the mirror will make the room appear larger. A mirror such as this can be installed on just about any closet door, and can either be half or full.


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