For those wanting to live a green lifestyle that still need a great custom closet, manufacturers have created a full range of different products. Materials include metal, plastics, cardboard, and wood composites. Some manufacturers use reclaimed wood items and renewable resources. The systems themselves vary, from individual components to units you can piece together on your own to fully built wood closets that give you the organization busy lifestyles need.

Here are just some of the options you have available to you.

Wood Composite Closets

Green certified wood products provide you with the beauty of a traditional wood custom closet without the environment paying the high price. They are made by combining wood cellulosic fibers with resin to create a hard, smooth material without the knots and graining issues that are normally cut out of wood. Manufacturers of certified products also control the formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals usually given off during the forming of the material.

These materials include particleboard, medium-density fiberboard, and hardboard that provide you with premium quality closets and fashionable designs. In addition to this, decorative surfaces manufactured using similar methods make stunning counter tops. When choosing a custom closet manufacturer, ask if they use Environmentally Preferable Products or EPP.

Metal And Plastic Racks And Custom Closet Shelving

Both metal and plastic closets are gaining in popularity. Available in individual pieces that fit together to create a DIY storage system, they are an inexpensive option ideal for those renting a home or for those looking to relocate in the future. The plastic does break more often and become brittle with age. The metal lasts far longer, but many dislike the industrial look it gives the space.

The manufacturing of these products is harsh on the environment. Some find another downside to these products is that they are often difficult to fit together properly, and many times don't fit in the space in a way that maximizes the available space because they come in predetermined sizes.

Reclaimed Materials

Storage solutions constructed from reclaimed material are not as popular as the previous two solutions, but they do benefit the environment. Instead of working with new materials, manufacturers use previously used materials such as desks, doors, and other items to create new organizers and products.

This craftsmanship does come at a price. One of the main costs is the price itself. While the materials used are extremely affordable, it takes a large amount of time and expertise to make new products look like new. As a result, the items created with this eco-friendly solution can have poor quality if you fail to choose the right manufacturer.

For the environmentally friendly consumer in search of a custom closet, Chicago and area consumers have these and many more solutions from which to choose. Composites provide endless choices for flawless design and quality. Metal and plastic give you the opportunity to move your closets with you. The best reclaimed system is the one that provides you with the opportunity to prevent the use of additional materials. The right choice depends on you, your lifestyle, and your storage needs.


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