Well now that the presents are opened and you have gotten all you need at the after Christmas sales, its time to put everything away, which probably means you need to both build, clean out, organize or perhaps all three.

Whether you have new tools, new clothes or something in between you have to find a place for it.

So once you have sorted out, thrown out or recycled the old items you know it's time to organize the space you do have.

Many closets/storage spaces just need to make better use of the space that they already have, so you will probably be able to store your items by reorganizing current closet space.

For instance in an older design closet you typically have a single bar for clothes with a shelf or 2 on the top for other items.

Dividing this same closet to have shirts, and pants one over the other in one half of the closet and adding a shoe rack in the middle will help to get your clothing organized. Having longer items such as dresses, overalls and robes on the other side will not only allow for more storage space, it will also save you time by being able to more easily find your clothes.

Shirts and pants will be less wrinkled. Having shoes at eye level can make getting dressed an easier task since you don't have to hunt for your shoes from the bottom of the closet.

One central lesson that all children need to learn has to do with organization, and one of the best places to start is with their closet. Indeed, as parents, we are continuously trying to teach our children life teachings that they can take with them as they grow up. A kid's closet organizer can help your child stay organized and help parents experience not as much stress during those crazy school mornings where your child is now able to find what they want, when they want it, in their closet.

If you're like most, you may think that your child's room simply doesn't have enough closet space. Often these are reach-in closets (as opposed to the larger walk-in closets) that contain only a rod and shelf. Unless you are able to knock out walls to increase the size of your kid's closet (not an option for the majority of parents), you need to look for another solution.

The solution to this problem is frequently as simple as adding an organizing system to your child's closet. Many organizers have the potential to actually double the amount of usable storage space.

You can buy a kids closet organizer at home improvement stores such as Lowe's and Home Depot in addition to selected larger discount department stores such as Walmart. You can usually purchase whole kits as well as individual components. Before purchasing any closet organizing items, be sure to carefully measure the size of your child's closet and evaluate you and your child's closet organization goals.

Closet organizing systems come in different materials and styles.g. plastic coated wire, laminates, and solid wood. In addition, you can add components such as shelves, drawers, shoe racks, and baskets to better suit your storage requirements and budget.

Due to its affordability, perhaps the most popular organizing option for a kid's closet is the wire style. Wire systems are usually composed of open lattice type shelves and metal brackets. They also let your child quickly and effortlessly find items in their closet, a good feature if you or your child is pressed for time.

To keep your children in the process of organizing their closet, you should be sure to include him or her in the planning and installation of their closet organizing system. Permitting your child to take an active role in the preparation and installation processes can be a worthy learning experience. They are more apt to be happy with the eventual outcome and will actually make use of, and therefore benefit from, their newly organized closet for possibly years to come. Your child can still take part in the design, even if you hire someone to do the installation.

It might be a slight exaggeration to state that regaining control of your closet can be a life changing event. Nevertheless, the benefits that can be realized, especially when it comes to a kids closet organizer, can be tremendous. After working on your child's closet, if you haven't already done so, you will probably want to start work on organizing your own closet.

People never seem to have enough storage for closets in the average home. True, closets can be a frustrating place to visit, especially if you lack space for storage. For closets, like any other area, can become so crammed that finding, for example, both shoes at once or a favorite bag quickly can be bewildering.

But when you have the right type of storage for your closet, you'll be able to find your clothing fast, dress in just the outfit you want, and start the day feeling confident.

TIP: Replicate a Pro Inexpensively

In fact, there are so many storage organizer options for closets that it's a bit overwhelming for the average person.

One great tip is to hire a professional organizer for only a day who'll probably be familiar with all the options. Have the consultant do only one closet or room for you, then replicate the design throughout the rest of your home yourself.

In the meantime, if it's beyond your budget to hire an organizer or to have a custom closet overhaul, here are some ideas which will enable you to find your clothes in a flash.

Organization: Only What You See is What You Can Select

Before you begin, though, it's a good idea to wipe things clean with a damp cloth and vacuum to give you and the closet a fresh start!

Perhaps the quickest way to free up some space and improve storage for closets is to organize your items by design. For example, some people organize their clothing into work, casual and dress. When you can easily locate and select from all the clothes you own, you can start your day looking and feeling more confident.

At any rate, set up a system for organizing your clothing that works for your lifestyle. Do you have specific articles of clothing that are essential for your business? Give these items their very own section in the closet.

Whatever makes sense for you and your lifestyle will work. You can create your own divisions, such as pants on one side, slacks separate from jeans and so forth. Another idea which takes a little time to set up is to organize by outfit ensemble, for example, a business suit and the blouses that go with it.

Shelves as Super Organizers

Do you have room in your closet for installed shelves? Certain clothing items do much better folded and placed on shelves or in drawers. A couple of simple shelves along the back wall will give you added organizational options for storage. This could be a good place for shoes, pajamas or anything else that needs to lay flat.

What's So Good About an Organized Closet?

Right about now you may be wondering why you want to go through the hassle of organizing and decluttering the closet. For starters, you'll feel much better, not only about your home but about yourself. Conquering clutter will give you a strong sense of accomplishment plus provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Again, you'll always look and feel your best when clothing and accessories are easy to put your hands on. No more tossing blouse after blouse on the bed trying to find the one you know is in there somewhere.

Final Thoughts: Custom Closets

If you have the budget to hire a company, a custom-built or renovated closet can be a dream come true. With adequate lighting, multiple bars, drawers and shelving for every conceivable use, the closet can become your favorite room in the house.

Prices vary: For example, California Closets company is expensive, while Easy closets allows you to design and install your own to save 40%-60%, if you wish.

Is your life disorganized and your closet space disorganized? You can never find anything you are looking for in your disorganized closets. Well there is a sound solution to this problem, install closet doors. Having an organized closet paves the way for having a more organized life. Besides a closet door there are also closet organizers that are useful for shoes and handbags as well as folded clothes.

Everything should have a designated space in a closet. Clothing such as underwear should have a closet organizer. Choose hangers that do not take up a lot of space and allow for accessibility. Hang your clothes in a color code. For instance all the white clothing should be hung together, and then black, and then red or whatever other colors you have. This way you can find things much easier and quicker. If your closet is tidy your mind will be tidy.

Fold your T-shirts and sort them into color codes. Then pack then into a closet organizer. Closet doors and closet organizers go hand in hand. Revamp your room, give it a whole new look by adding closet doors which come in a variety of different makes, shapes, sizes and colors. Imagine coming home to a tidy, clean well-kept room and having a closet that looks great.

While you are on a cleaning spree, add some closet doors to your bathroom, kitchen, laundry and garage or where ever you may need extra space, as these are great space savers. By changing your home, you are changing your life. Invite your friends around, and get them all to give you a hand. Create a closet doors party, and get the guys to install the doors for you, get your girlfriends to help you organize your clothes. These types of doors are the best way to organize your life.

Getting into my closets can sometimes be a scary thing. I never know what may fall out of them. Living with other people does not help matters, with everyone just throwing items into the closet and slamming the door shut. I have yet to be able to train others in the house how to neatly put things away! I have slowly, over time, come up with some time-saving and organizational tips.

First, it is important to declutter the closet if it has been awhile since this chore has been done. I like to take everything out of the closet and go through each and every item. Getting rid of coats that have been out grown or are worn out, cleaning out the old scarves and mittens, and going through all the odds and ends that end up in the closet can greatly increase your storage space and make the space neat and organized. While everything is out of the closet is a great time for a good, heavy-duty washing down of the space. Any good cleaner will do, or even hot, soapy water. It is amazing at how good the closet smells when you get done!

I like to take baskets to organize items. Put gloves, scarves, and other miscellaneous winter wear in one basket to help keep these items together and organized. Putting like items together ensures finding matches quickly. It saves precious time while everyone is trying to get out of the house. Baskets, such as these, fit perfectly on the shelves. Shoe racks on the floor of the closet are great for holding all of the winter boots and shoes. These two items alone help to keep the closet neat, tidy, and organized.

If you have small children in the home, hanging hooks low in the closet on the wall helps them learn how to be organized themselves. Instead of them throwing their coats on the floor, and someone else coming along behind them and picking up their stuff, they learn how to neatly put things away. Backpacks are easy to keep track of this way too. When the kids need to retrieve something out of their pack, it is within easy reach and they are self-sufficient.

Once you get your closet cleaned out, it is easy to maintain. The hardest part is training everyone in the family to help out. But even if you are the ony one in the family taking care of the closet, these time-saving tips will help you out tremendously. Being able to find things quickly and easily makes my day go much smoother. It is my belief that home organization is the same as keeping life simple.

Are the contents of your closets a chaotic jumble? Is there so much clutter inside that you can't put anything away and it's just about impossible to find what you're looking for?

Then it's time to reclaim your closets and convert that overstuffed space into usable storage.

Declutter Closets First

If you have a whole room to clean up, start with the closets first. The things in your storage spaces often haven't been touched in a long time. You may even have forgotten you even have them. You're much less likely to feel an emotional connection to them than you are to things you use more often.

Make room for the things you're using now by getting rid of some of the old, unused items from your closets.

Clearing out bedroom closets can be an especially helpful step in gaining emotional freedom from your clutter. Why? Because the clothing, shoes, and accessories found in bedroom closets can carry a big emotional charge, especially for women. It can be emotionally freeing to weed through your personal things and keep only the ones you really need.

Why Are Your Closets Packed with Things You Don't Use?

You may be keeping clothes you don't wear in your closet for lots of different reasons. Some of the most common ones:

It's out of style.
You need to have it cleaned, altered, or repaired.
You don't like the color any more.
It doesn't fit any more.
You don't like the way you feel when you wear it.
It doesn't fit with the things you like to do now. (This is a frequent occurrence for women who leave the professional world to stay home with children. Their business clothes don't fit the new life of driving the carpool or going to the playground.)
You have so many of that item (shoes, sweaters, black dresses, jeans, etc.) that you just never pick this one to wear. If you have multiples of a certain kind of clothing, here's your chance to keep only your favorites and find new homes for the ones you don't like as well.
It's a gift from someone special, but you never liked it much. It won't do anyone any good hanging in your closet or stuffed in a drawer. Acknowledge the good intention behind the gift, then regift it to someone who will really enjoy it.

How to Let Go of Unused Clothes

It can be useful to take a good look at why your closets are full of things you don't use or enjoy. Take a few minutes to look through your closet. As you pick up each item, ask yourself, "How long has it been since I wore this?" If you haven't worn a piece of clothing for several years, it's highly unlikely that you're ever going to wear it again. Then why are you keeping it?

People have a number of reasons for holding onto clothes that they haven't been wearing and aren't likely to wear in the future. Here are some common ones:

They were expensive, and you don't want that money to go to waste. Often that is true. It's also true that keeping clothes you don't use doesn't bring the money back. What if you freed up the physical and mental space those clothes occupy for things you want to use today? You can sell clothes that are in good condition at a resale shop. The truth is that most used clothing isn't worth much. Donate them to charity and you'll get a tax deduction and can move on with your life.
You plan to wear them after you go back to work or lose some weight. But in fact, you're not going to want to wear old, out-of-fashion clothes You'll want to show off your new figure with stylish new clothes. You'll have the same reaction if you go back to work after staying at home for a while. Fashions and office trends change. The clothes that worked for you in your last work situation probably won't make you feel your best when you go back to work.
These clothes bring back memories you want to hold on to. This is a great reason to keep a few special items. But just keep a few, not every single item from those times.

All these reasons for keeping old things share a focus on the future or the past, not the present day. Getting rid of unworn clothes can mean giving up the person you used to be before your life changed. It also means letting go of dreams you may have had for your future, dreams you cherished before your life took a different turn. Giving up old dreams is the way you open the way for the real you to live your best life in the here and now. Sometimes that's hard. It's important to admit to yourself and respect exactly what you've let go.

Give Yourself Permission to Grieve

When you give up your collection of stiletto heels, your size 6 wardrobe, your old hunting clothes, or your corporate suits, you're acknowledging an important change in your life. Sometimes those changes hurt. Allowing yourself to feel the sadness, anger or regret helps you prepare for the real adventure: living your life for today.

Many individuals lead busy lives and experience hectic mornings on a consistent basis. Days can start out on a sour note if we cannot find our work clothes or that blouse that perfectly complements the skirt we have chosen to wear in a hurry. With an organized closet, you could avoid this morning hassle and get a much better start to your day.

Though it can be difficult to find gaps in a busy schedule to organize a closet, the end result is well worth the time invested. An entire weekend may be needed in order to complete this project. The payoff for doing this will certainly be worth giving up your social life for a couple of days. Imagine flinging your closet doors open and immediately seeing everything from accessories for your head to your shoe collection, and everything in-between. Picture how wonderful it would be not have to pull everything out making a huge mess in the process to clean up later, just to find one particular clothing item or accent piece.

It is time to stop dreaming about it and to start making an organized closet a reality. This may seem like a daunting task with a mountain of disorganization from your closet seemingly taunting you. Fear not though, you can do this! A good first step is taking a good look at the current setup of your closet. You want to make sure that your closet features storage capabilities designed to encourage organization, draws on every inch of closet space available, and that is handy for you to use.

After inspecting your closet, you may have discovered that it is lacking in some needed items for organizing. Items such as hanger extensions, adjustable shelves, hooks, a shoe or sock caddy, bins, baskets, stackable boxes, floor or hanging racks, can provide the appropriate configuration to organize your belongings. You cannot expect to organize a closet and keep it that way unless everything has a specific space provided for it within your closet.

Once you have taken care of equipping your closet with various storage features, you can begin using these space savers and organizational products to help organize your closet. This should make it easier to keep it that way once you get everything into place.

Generally speaking, clothes occupy the majority of the space in any closet. Optimize the use of your closet space for hanging and folding your clothing. Extension hangers that can accommodate the hanging of several pairs of dress slacks or jeans on a single hanger are great closet organizers. Hangers made for attaching an additional hanger to them permit you to hang two shirts in the space previously only housing one shirt.

You do not have to hang all of your clothing in your closet. You can in fact store more clothes and find them with less hassle by folding some of your clothes versus hanging them up. Of course, you may want to give priority-hanging space to work and special occasion apparel to reduce the chances of wrinkling them. However, folding your causal clothes for storage will not hurt them, and makes more room for your more dressy clothes. Some shirts may wrinkle when folded, while other clothing is wrinkle-resistant. Does a wrinkle in the comfortable clothes you wear around the house matter all that much? Will anyone really care or even notice wrinkles in the shirt you wear while tending to your garden? Probably not, but considerations such as these can help you make logical decisions for storing your clothes.

Whether a sweater is for casual or formal wear, professionals recommend you always folding sweaters instead of placing them on hangers in your closet to help them retain their shape and to last longer. Sweaters can be bulky when folded. It is best to store them on an open shelf. However, they also fit nicely in sweater bins to be stored on a closet shelf or on the floor.

Another way to organize your closet is to fold and place seasonal clothing in plastic containers to prevent insect invasions, and store those containers on very high closet shelves when not in use. This frees up eye-level space for hanging and folding clothing that you wear every day, or that is in season for quick and easy locating.

The best way to keep your closet organized after a spring closet cleaning or organizing spurt is to remember to put things back in their place after laundering, or should you grab something to wear and change your mind. It only takes seconds for the roots of disorganization to begin growing. One blouse tossed aside in favor of a trendy t-shirt instead of put back in place will soon have other shirts joining it to wreak havoc on your closet organization. Thinning your wardrobe annually and donating unused clothing to charity also goes a long ways towards helping your closet to stay organized.

Now that you have an organized closet, open the doors and see how refreshing organization in your closet looks and feels. You may decide that the rest of the house could benefit from some organization too.

Cleaning up closets might not be as simple as it seems. The changing of seasons makes it even harder and yet more important for cleaning up the wardrobe. This can seem like a nightmare at times! Before finally getting down to the task, you might worry about if for hours.

But now you can rest at ease because your nightmare is over with the invention of custom closet organizers! The invention that saves you from having sleepless nights over closet cleaning and helps you organize your closet in a way that you will be able to rest peacefully in every season.

The addition of a custom closet organizer is a feature that can be added to any closet in your home. An organizer like this will work great virtually anywhere you need to install it ... in the bedroom, attic, pantry, or even the bathroom. They will make items easy to see and find by reducing the clutter that is prevalent in closets. Custom closets help you set up spaces inside your closet area that you can allocate to different materials and items.

Before long your closet will be transformed into easily accessible sections with your custom closet organizers. With rods for hanging your clothes and hooks for items like belts and ties, everything is taken care of with these organizers.

There are several drawers that can be allocated to store your personal items and clothing. There are also shoe trees which can be used to organize a good number of shoes. This will make your collection accessible and the entire closet will look neat and tidy. And no more frustrating searches for your favorite scarf!

The pantry is also a great place for custom closet organizers. Since kitchens are easily messed up and sorely in need of some organization, these are a perfect fit. For this reason you can use these organizers to store your cans and other cooking items like dry pasta and rice.

Just as with the clothes closet, these organizers have hooks which you can use for hanging pots and pans. Use shelving to handle things like your utensils and cutlery as well as your boxed goods. Keep your small appliances neat and tidy by using these organizers.

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