Now that you have de-cluttered your closets, it is time to decide how to keep those closets organized. There are very useful containers and gadgets on the market to help you with this task. Let's look at several of these products that will help make your closets stay more organized.

Entryway Closets

Stacking plastic drawers - These are ideal for storing family member's hats, gloves and mittens.

Clear plastic containers - They work well for storing supplies on higher shelves.

Checklist - As a last minute reminder for family members, a checklist of what they need to take with them works wonders! You might want to laminate it and attach it to the inside of the hall closet door.

Clothes Closets

Wire shoe rack shelves - One of my favorite closet accessories is wire shoe rack shelves. Check with organizing stores, home d├ęcor stores or online stores for these.

Hat boxes - Even if you don't wear hats, hat boxes work well for accessories and bathing suits as well as other small articles of clothing. Plus, they are decorative!

Movable plastic dressers - These are ideal to put in the space under short-hanging clothing. They provide more drawer space and are quite roomy.

Shelf dividers - You can stack clothes higher and still keep them separate. What a great organizing tip for optimizing space in your closet! (You will find them in the Lillian Vernon Catalog and on their website.)

Utility and Linen Closets

Shelf dividers - They are very useful in linen closets to keep stacks of towels and other linens in place.

Wire shelves - These shelves sit on a regular wood closet shelf and double your storage space for linens and toiletries.

Wrapping paper bins - This is a good way to keep your rolls of gift wrap and gift wrapping supplies in one neat and orderly place that will be free from damage. Now is the time to go buy one!

Battery-operated light - One of the greatest objects to simply attach to the wall in any closet in your home is a battery-operated light!


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