Just because you don't notice your closet doors, don't think that they don't have an impact on how the room looks. A darker door can stand out, a light door can blend in, and of course, mirrored doors have their own unique look and influence. Even after you have decided upon the your bedroom design ideas, make sure the doors are well crafted to open easily and widely enough to give you full access to the contents of the closet.

The first step in choosing your closet doors is deciding what you want your bedroom furniture to look like. You don't want to mix styles here, since modern looking bi fold doors of metal or Formica would never complement a bedroom set that is in the Italianate style. Beautifully carved doors, in the same tone as the wood of the furniture, would be the right choice here. The idea is that the closet doors should blend in with the decor of the furniture, not clash with it.

Besides the style, you have to concern yourself with the color of the closet doors you have chosen. You will most likely have chosen the colors of your bedroom before the furniture, or the closet doors, so make sure that the color choice goes with the color as well as style of the closet.

The space that the bedroom projects is another important consideration in choosing the closet doors. If you want to add the look of spaciousness to a room, choose mirrored doors, which can make a room look much larger. If you have closets that are small, and you want to be able to use each inch of space, bi-fold doors allow you fuller access to the interior of the closet. You can even get closet doors that slide open or closed with a remote control, if you like high tech interiors. For further space savings, these doors can slide into the walls and not even intrude into the room. For the truly high tech among you, how about speakers that automatically blast a great sound each time you open the doors automatically?

So if you are considering very specialized custom closet doors, the main issues to address are theme, color and space. After that, you can get fancy with extra touches, but the first and foremost thing to consider is that your closet doors work well for you and don't make things harder rather than easier.

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