This one may seem like a no brainer, clean out your closets and donate the items to your local Goodwill or homeless shelter.

However most people clean out there closets and save it to sell the items at a garage sale. I really think that the time and energy you spend setting up the garage sale could be spent doing more important things! I mean think about how much money do you think you would actually make at a garage sale? I'm thinking maybe, if you are lucky, a couple hundred dollars. That is nothing compared to the impact you can make on someone else's life if you were to just give it away.

Now I know cleaning out your closets completely could take weeks, maybe even years, LOL! But I have a few tips to help make this daunting task a little bit easier, and hopefully it will turn into one of your many beneficial habits!

* Buy a storage tote, or container and put it somewhere that is easily accessible, like a closet, laundry room, or bedroom.

* Then whenever you come across a piece of clothing that either is to big (don't we wish), to small, or is so out of style and you wouldn't be caught dead in it, throw it in the tote. This is especially nice if you have kids, because we all know how fast kids grow out of their clothes. If you see a toy your kids don't play with anymore, throw it in the tote.

* Then once a week clean out a section in your closet, or a shelf on your bookcase, and put everything you don't use or want anymore in the tote.

* Make it a rule that whenever that tote is full, you are going to take everything to your local Goodwill store or a homeless shelter.

It really doesn't get any easier than that! This is such a simple and effective way you can make a difference in someone else's life. If we all just did our part then this world would be a much better place. Share your blessings!


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