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Ultimately, your closet needs to be designed around you and the way you live. Start organizing your everyday living by turning a cluttered closet into an ideal and useful storage space. Your plan varies based upon your options and the size of your space.

The Reach-In Closet: The most common type of closet is the reach-in variety complete with a wooden rod and its hangers- nothing overly fancy. The first step to organizing a closet that is of particular importance in this instance is to inventory the items you wish to store in your closet. One of the keys to consider is how much hanging space you need and how much room you need for shoes. It used to be that closed needed larger long hanging sections for women's dresses and gowns, but today the dynamics of wardrobes are changing and double hanging sections are becoming more dominant. By adjusting a long hanging section to a double hanging section, you can ultimately add 3 feet of extra space for drawers, cubbies and amenities for storage.

One concern with reach-in closets is the type of doors on the closet. Often sliding doors need to be measured carefully so that all drawers and pull out shelving clear the door when closed. Another pitfall to shelving units in a reach in closet is to remember there is only limited space above the bulkhead of the closet door and pending the depth of the closet you can add hooks for robes and belt racks. It is important to consider from a strategic perspective where to place shelving.

The Walk-In Closet: Moving beyond the average reach-in closet, the modern home style is that the larger master suite closets are big enough to house a chest of drawers and other furniture, which saves room in the master bedroom. It is common for people to cut down on furniture in the master bedroom and relocate it to the master bedroom closet. Today's closet systems in large master suites are very elaborate and often allow the homeowner to visualize virtually all items stored in the closet in one glance. Closets have become basically rooms with a view. It is also common to have an island centered in the master closet to hold items such as tilt-out hampers, sliding belt racks and tie racks, lockable jewelry trays, shoe cubbies, shoe racks and shelves, among other things. Some islands also store luggage and fold away ironing boards. In today's modern closets, a well designed space can transform into a huge amount of optimized space with several amenities.

Space Savers: Whether your close is large enough to get dress in or an reach in to store personal items, a number of space saving accessories are available on the market today that relieve overwhelming closet disorganization by creating designated spaces for your items. How you design your closet should be based on your need and how you think you can be utilize the space. Pull-out drawers, fixed shelving and hanging baskets are essential to close organization, particularly because of their ability to help organize small miscellaneous items.

Additional amenities that make finding things easier include sliding belt tie racks, valet rods to hang dry cleaning, slanted shoe shelves and shoe towers. In addition, deep shelves for storing sweaters and handbags are helpful organization tools. Many space organizers also find it helpful to label enclosed and open containers for ease of identification

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