How many times did you experienced getting late to work or any occasion because of too much time spent looking for something to wear in your disorganized closets? Well, I'm proud to tell everybody that I'm one of those ladies who love all kinds of clothing. I love dressing myself always, look good in the eyes of short I love fashion! The problem with me is that I collect and collect clothes and just put them anywhere in my closet which makes it look like a jungle. Every time I have an appointment I always get late because of too much time spent looking for my clothes from my jungle like closet. I could still remember my mother telling me everyday early in the morning "Eljhay when do you plan to fix your closet? End of the world? Nevertheless, just to avoid my mom shouting at me every morning I began to fix my closet every week. It started to be a habit which makes me realized that it has lots of advantages. Having an organized closet makes it easier for you to find clothes for the proper occasion. Not just that it also helps you to save time.Here are some ways on how you can start organizing your closets:

Step 1: Remove Everything inside Your Closet

The first thing you must do is remove everything inside your closet so that you can start cleaning your closet first. Make sure there are no dirt's to be found. Spray it with a freshener to bring back its fresh smell.

Step 2: Sort out Your Clothes

After cleaning your closets make sure to sort out your clothes. It's your choice on the way on how you want to sort it. You can sort it by sizes, texture and colors. For me, what I usually do is I sort them out per occasion. From everyday clothing's, to working clothes, casual occasions, formal occasions, sports wear and a lot more.

Step 3: Put Labels

Try putting labels on your closets it makes it easier for you and your housemaids to put your clothing's in their proper places. For example you can label them as: lingerie's, socks, blouses, blazers and a lot more.

Step 4: Make It a Habit to Fix your Closet

It's a fulfillment in yourself when you see that you have an organize closet. As we all know if you want to be successful in your life start organizing everything in your life .Well, making it a habit to fix your closet can be a jumpstart on making oneself organize in everything.


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