If your closet is in such a mess that you feel like throwing everything in the trashcan, then it is critical to get a guide to organizing closets, ASAP! Closets may harbor clutter and disarray if left untended. To save yourself from the hassles of finding lost things, you need a guide to organizing closets. It is time to move on from utter chaos to an organized state.

Parting with your old stuff could be a melodramatic experience. You have all these belongings that remind you of graduation, marriage, first baby... Wait! Enough of this! You have to put your foot down once and for all! When it's time to throw out unnecessary things, it's time to throw out!

If you are a pack rat and would like to keep your closets' contents, this guide to organizing closets will show you how to choose which to throw, which to keep, and what to do when you decide to throw them out.

Guide to Organizing Closets: To throw or not to throw? That is the question.

Some people toss everything out when they clean up. When they realize that they actually need an item, they realize that they have already thrown them out. You do not need to be a victim of “oh-I-threw-it-out!-itis”. You just have to be wise and careful with your sorting. You also have to think about the importance of the thing you are considering throwing. Below are some questions you may want to ask yourself, in sorting out which to throw or keep:

- Is it still important to you?

- Is it still usable?

- Do you want it?

- Does it have sentimental value?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above 4 questions, then keep it.

- Was it from an ex?

- Does it carry bad memories?

- Is it ugly?

- Do you abhor it?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above 4 questions, then toss it!

It is important to throw out items tied with bad memories. You have to move on too, and not to mention your goal of cleaning out your closet. It's a win-win situation. You get to toss out bad memory reminders (this is actually symbolic), and you'll have less clutter to cram your closet with at the same time.

Guide to Organizing Closets: You don't really have to toss it to the trash...

The stuff you decide to toss, if they are still usable, can go to a good cause. If you have so much stuff to get rid of, have a garage sale. You'll not only get rid of your stuff, you’ll also earn extra cash. You can also donate your stuff to charity. Or, if you're feeling creative and extra Scrooge-ish, you can recycle your stuff as gifts. Just make sure that they're still in good condition; and if you can, you may modify the look of the stuff so that the recipients of your gifts won't recognize them.

So did you have to enlist the help of the dumpster to clean out and organize your closets? You didn't? What a miracle! And Oprah didn't even get in the picture, except maybe as an inspiration. Either way, I hope you've benefited from this guide to organizing closets!

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