One of the biggest challenges that people face in many apartments and condominiums is a lack of storage space. The closets that are built into these dwelling spaces are usually very small, if they exist at all. It can be very challenging to keep a neat and organized home when you simply don’t have enough room to keep all of your stuff out of sight.

I would guess that most of us have been overcome by the desire to stuff our closets from floor to ceiling with everything that we don’t have a place for and then pray that no one opens the door. There is hope, however, found in a large number of organizational products that are available to help us capitalize on our minimal closet space. These items are actually designed to help us fit even more into our closets, while maintaining the ability to find stuff when we need it.

Everything from shoe organizers, to hanger systems, to cubicle dividers are available. These products are effective because they allow you to utilize space that would other wise be left empty. If you were to use a big rubber tub to organize your smaller belongings you would be on the right track, but how much better organized would your small trinkets be if you put them in a big rubber tub that had organizational dividers within it? The key is to maximize the efficiency of the space. Create ways to use open space, while being organized.

If it has been a while since you made a trip to your local home improvement store, you may be surprised at the variety of organizational tools they have available. This has recently become a competitive item between different retailers, and as a result the consumer has been the beneficiary. This competition has led to an increased selection in the style, size, and functionality of organizational products. Some retailers even have closet designers on staff who will help you lay out the shelving and organizational features of your closet. You may want to consult with one of them to ensure that you get the most out of the money that you spend.

Begin by making a list of the kind of things you want to keep in the closet. Do you have a lot of shoes? Do you hang your clothes or do you need shelf space for folded clothes like sweaters? Maybe your closet space isn’t for clothes at all, but instead a space where you want to keep old records or files. Whatever it is, you will need to plan accordingly and keep in mind your budget as you work towards creating the ideal closet solution for your soon to be very organized home.

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