Who doesn't need closet organization tips? You will be less frustrated when you can find what you need every time you want to get dressed and ready for the day.

Closet clutter will confuse and frustrate you but closet organization will create a sense of order and control at least once per day because if there is one thing that we all have in common it is the process of getting dressed at least once every day.

No matter what closet design you have, here are some organization tips that can help keep clutter to a minimum and restore a sense of order.

  1. Make use of vertical space. Use the higher areas in your closet for storing items you do not need to access on a regular basis. There is no rule that says you can only have one shelf above your hanging rods make that two or even three shelves if you have the room and are storing smaller items up there.

  2. Get serious about shoe storage. Stop tripping over loose shoes. If those shoes are not firmly fastened to a foot they should not be on the floor! Shoe storage ideas are plentiful and range from shoe racks to clear shoe boxes that allow you to see every pair of flip flops, platforms, or loafers that you own!

  3. Use open storage such as baskets for multiples of single items such as sports bras, socks, underpants, scarves, belts, purses, ties, even jewelery. If you prefer to use a closed storage system for these items such as a drawer then invest in drawers organizers or separators so you can have like items kept together.

  4. Establish a system for organizing laundry and dry cleaning. Have a place for your laundry basket and if possible go vertical with a longer taller basket rather than a short wide one. If you have clothing that regularly goes to the dry cleaner designate a spot for that outside of your closet if you cannot spare the closet space.

  5. Protect when necessary. Use garment bags to keep dust off the shoulders of seldom worn items. They will also provide protection for the fine fabrics of evening dresses or tuxedos.

  6. Get out of season items out! If you have the ability to store everything in one closet congratulations, but most people will not have that kind of room which means out of season items have to be stored elsewhere. Use your empty suitcases. You are just storing air in there!
  7. Store your clothing safely. Even if you are lucky enough to have enough space in your closet so that your clothing does not have to be seasonably rotated you should make sure the items you are not wearing are protected if they are vulnerable. Wool is vulnerable to damage from moth larvae, and silks can be faded by exposure to light so keep your out of season clothing protected from potential damage. Use vacuum bags to store clothing that is vulnerable.

  8. Sort your clothes by color and/or functionality. Use double hanging rods for shorter handing items like shirts and jackets and group them by color.

  9. Gradually replace your wire hangers with something more substantial. Clothing is made to hang from your shoulders. How many people do you know of that are shaped like a wire hanger? Use those wire hangers for taking items to and from the dry cleaner but for nothing else.

  10. Find a separate place for hangers that are not in use. When you take an item off a hanger take the hanger off the rod and put it in a designated space. You will be surprised at how this small action can keep things more organized in your closet and you will always be able to find a hanger when you need one!

  11. Fold if possible. Don't hang items that are lightweight like t-shirts, as you will only create "shoulder nipples". When you hang a garment that has no structure, the garment will stretch out. Instead, learn how to fold and stack the folded items where you can get at them easily such as in a large drawer or even in open storage such as shelves or "cubbies".

  12. Purge regularly. This is probably the single most important of all closet organization tips. You must regularly get rid of clothing you are not wearing. You can make sure that your closet only holds regularly used items by following the one in - one out rule which is, every time you bring one new clothing item into your closet something should go out.

A bigger closet is not necessarily a better closet! If you have clutter closet it is not your closet's fault! Even a small closet can be functional and orderly if you follow these simple closet organization tips.

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