Closets are designed to provide extra storage space in a home while adding to the overall dcor. While closet designers do their utmost to try and accommodate all storage needs into a mass-produced closet design, the truth is that any closet you buy could a few customizations to fulfill your storage needs. With the common availability of closet organizer systems in the market today, customizing your closets storage space is as easy as picking out a closet organizer design that fits your needs.

If your shoes always end up in a pile at the bottom of the closet, then you could get a closet organizer system that addresses foot wear. There are organizers that let you hang your shoes off the inside of the closet doors to increase space usage. Spruce up the bottom of your closet with other closet organizer units such as stackable floor shelves or portable drawers. These units are just some of many floor units that can turn the bottom of your closet from an area of piled-up mess into an easy-to-find organized space.

Closet organizer units can present you with the option of getting exactly what you need depending on the options that you choose. For sorting out hanged clothes, several hanging bar options are available. You can do away with the old single bar that spans the width of your closet and get a multi-bar unit that caters to long clothes on one side and multi-levels of short clothes on the other. Boring shelves can be replaced with sliding shelves to allow you to stack clothing to the depth of your closet and still be accessible.

Closet organizer systems will offer you everything that you would need to optimize the storage space made available to you by your closet. If mixing and matching many different types of closet organizers is not your thing, then you can always opt for a single complete customized closet organizer that will completely revamp your closet. If you decide to get a whole new closet, then getting a custom built closet would be one way of not only optimizing closet space, but also optimizing the space where the closet will reside in.

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