Closets become more functional if we make them ourselves-designed according to our specification and how we plan to use them. After all, who knows our own requirements, needs and desires when it comes to our own rooms and how our closets should be?

So the practical and simple answer is to build your own closet and ensure that yours will be exactly what you need for both yourself and your family.

And here is how we make a closet with simple steps using closet systems.

Closet systems are closet sets in wood or metal ready to be affixed with pre-measured and pre-fabricated parts. With them it's doubly easy to make a closet. In fact, this is so simple you won't believe how soon and easy you will have your perfect closet ready for use.

So follow these 5 easy steps for that dream closet:

1. Plan and design the closet. Decide where we plan to have it, how big, how many levels and compartments, and what features it would have. In short, when we make a closet we should decide how to use it and where. If it's for keeping kitchen utensils then place it in the kitchen. If for car tools have it in the garage. If we plan to have it store numerous things, build a large one.

2. Measure the available space. Don't design a big closet and then find a place where it fits later. When we have chosen its proper place, measure the place and confine the design of the closet to it. We can make a closet a bit more functional to make up for its small size.

3. Locate the wall studs-if we're dealing with wooden walls. If we attach our closet system to them-especially the vertical studs-we make a closet stronger than the ordinary. Studs are often spaced 16 inches apart on center spacing. When we locate one its easy to locate the rest. Remember to get a closet system with measurements that fit our stud spacing.

4. Metal closet systems can also be an option. Just remember that the measurements should fit the stud spacing on our walls. We may combine wood and metal structures to make a closet and attach with screws and rivets. If we're thinking of attaching closet systems on concrete walls we may use wooden or plastic dowels or pins imbedded on walls through drills. Then we may work the screws into these dowels to attack closets on.

5. It's better to have our closet painted to prevent wood or metal from staining our clothes in the long run. Painted surfaces are easier to clean. When we make a closet of wood, remember to sand the surfaces first before painting for a better result. With metal closets, rust proof before painting. We may also opt to have fancy paint finishes, like a classy wainscoting wood finish.

When planning to make a closet attached to a wall, opt for closet systems and note the above tips.

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