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If you have a closet that is completely unusable because of the amount of junk in it, it is time to consider some closet solutions to give you your closet back. A complete closet reorganization is a monumental task if it is not something that you want to do. The first thing you need to do is to pull everything out of the closet. Organize your belongings into several categories. Things you use, things you can give to a charity or throw in the garbage and things you can give to friends or family.

Now that you have an empty closet you can feel satisfied that you have de-cluttered your closet and de-cluttered your life as well. However, simply putting your clothes and belongings back into the closet does not complete the job. You need to put the final changes to maintain the organization that you have created.

Begin by organizing your hanging clothes by type such as separating tops from bottoms. If your outfit has a top and bottom, utilize the bottom rod for the pants and skirts and the top rod for jackets, blouses or shirts. Another solution for your closet is to divide the shirts by type. Such as, sweaters, long sleeves, short sleeves etc. When you have a specific location for each type of clothing, it helps to give your closet a neater appearance. Thus, it is easier to find what you are looking for as well.

Many people have all different types of hangers; go out and purchase matching hangers for all your clothes; it will create a much nicer appearance of your hanging clothes. In addition, it allows all clothes to hang at the same level and nothing will be hanging below other clothes and thus maybe even becoming lost in your closet. These are simple closet solutions to revamp your closet.

Some people have a large shoe collection that could fill an entire closet. Standardized shelving can be utilized for the shoe collector. With all your shoes organized, your closet solutions will be that much more streamlined. If you do not have space for all the shoes consider donating some of the more practical shoes to a third world country, they could really use them.

If you have many small items, try to store them out of site. Small items can give the appearance of a cluttered closet. This is when a storage bin or box is a good closet solution. A good closet re-organization is more than just re-arranging your belongings. Creating a closet space that is both functional and pleasing to the eye is the aim of total closet re-organization.

Many closet solutions meet your needs and wants. Search the internet for the latest styles and trends in closet design. You will find many tips and tricks along the way. The main idea is to re-organize your life not just your closet. Get rid of the excess baggage you collect both literally and figuratively.

Creative closet solutions will do wonders for your home and lifestyle.

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