Getting into my closets can sometimes be a scary thing. I never know what may fall out of them. Living with other people does not help matters, with everyone just throwing items into the closet and slamming the door shut. I have yet to be able to train others in the house how to neatly put things away! I have slowly, over time, come up with some time-saving and organizational tips.

First, it is important to declutter the closet if it has been awhile since this chore has been done. I like to take everything out of the closet and go through each and every item. Getting rid of coats that have been out grown or are worn out, cleaning out the old scarves and mittens, and going through all the odds and ends that end up in the closet can greatly increase your storage space and make the space neat and organized. While everything is out of the closet is a great time for a good, heavy-duty washing down of the space. Any good cleaner will do, or even hot, soapy water. It is amazing at how good the closet smells when you get done!

I like to take baskets to organize items. Put gloves, scarves, and other miscellaneous winter wear in one basket to help keep these items together and organized. Putting like items together ensures finding matches quickly. It saves precious time while everyone is trying to get out of the house. Baskets, such as these, fit perfectly on the shelves. Shoe racks on the floor of the closet are great for holding all of the winter boots and shoes. These two items alone help to keep the closet neat, tidy, and organized.

If you have small children in the home, hanging hooks low in the closet on the wall helps them learn how to be organized themselves. Instead of them throwing their coats on the floor, and someone else coming along behind them and picking up their stuff, they learn how to neatly put things away. Backpacks are easy to keep track of this way too. When the kids need to retrieve something out of their pack, it is within easy reach and they are self-sufficient.

Once you get your closet cleaned out, it is easy to maintain. The hardest part is training everyone in the family to help out. But even if you are the ony one in the family taking care of the closet, these time-saving tips will help you out tremendously. Being able to find things quickly and easily makes my day go much smoother. It is my belief that home organization is the same as keeping life simple.


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