There has been much talk circled around building gun closets to store prized firearms and while it does make some sense to have them, there are cases in which metal gun cases are a better deal. This choice, however, will depend on your preferences and also the reason you need to store your guns away. Some people may not need a gun closet and will do happily with a metal gun case. While there are others that have spent years and years collecting guns and will need a large storing space to put them, there are also those that will do well with both, and this too will depend on a list of factors as well. Below you will find guidelines that will help you decide between building a gun closet of just buying a metal gun case.

How Many Guns Do You Have?

Sure, gun closets are almost like having an 'art gallery' in your house when you have a wide range of firearms to choose from. However, if you just have a small amount of guns then it does not make sense to spend money to build a gun closet and a metal gun case will do just fine. Having only a gun closet does not give you much flexibility either, because you are limited to just one place in your house. If you have a lot of guns then having a metal gun case to store a few of them when you go on hunting trips is a brilliant idea.

Are You Worried About Security?

Having a gun closet in your house does not mean that you are safe from any attacks on your life and possessions. All that it means is that you are better equipped to deal with a possible intrusion and nothing more. However, how you intend to deal with a possible intrusion is also something that has to be taken into consideration. Do you intend to hide the key of your gun closet somewhere safe and if so how far will you have to walk to eventually get to them? Will your gun closet be close to your room or any other strategic point? Some people simply build a gun closet in their homes without even thinking about the distance that they will have to cover to get to it if there is a burglary. The shorter the distance you have to cover to get to it the better.Depending on the neighborhood that you are in a gun closet is basically an invitation for thieves, whereas you will have risk less exposure when you have a metal gun case. You may also combine the two as well: a metal gun case for security needs stored away at a strategic access point and a gun closet for leisure needs such as hunting and shooting sports.

Who Will Have Access To Your Guns?

Unless you have projected your gun closet in a very special way, it will be easily seen. You run the risk of forgetting the key in the lock one day or placing it somewhere where your children can find if ( if you have children). The raw truth is that unless you outsmart your children, they will eventually find the keys. In other words, you cannot entirely hide a gun closet, but you can hide metal gun cases. In this aspect you reduce the risk of exposing your guns to the wrong hands.

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