Well now that the presents are opened and you have gotten all you need at the after Christmas sales, its time to put everything away, which probably means you need to both build, clean out, organize or perhaps all three.

Whether you have new tools, new clothes or something in between you have to find a place for it.

So once you have sorted out, thrown out or recycled the old items you know it's time to organize the space you do have.

Many closets/storage spaces just need to make better use of the space that they already have, so you will probably be able to store your items by reorganizing current closet space.

For instance in an older design closet you typically have a single bar for clothes with a shelf or 2 on the top for other items.

Dividing this same closet to have shirts, and pants one over the other in one half of the closet and adding a shoe rack in the middle will help to get your clothing organized. Having longer items such as dresses, overalls and robes on the other side will not only allow for more storage space, it will also save you time by being able to more easily find your clothes.

Shirts and pants will be less wrinkled. Having shoes at eye level can make getting dressed an easier task since you don't have to hunt for your shoes from the bottom of the closet.

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