How to organize a walk in closet is not the easiest thing in the world to learn. First thing you have to do is acknowledge that you did it. You achieved the American dream of owning a large enough home that your closets can be big enough to house all of your clothing, shoes, hats, purses, sweaters, jackets and more. This is a major accomplishment in itself and should be celebrated.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let's realize that there is much work ahead of us because obviously, this walk in closet doesn't have enough room for you to operate or else you wouldn't be here reading this article, would you? No, you would not, you would be sitting on that big deck in the back enjoying a mojito and the sun set if it was enough space. But since, we are here, let's make sure that we learn a thing or two in the process.

How Does Walk In Closets Get Full

The problem you and many others in this world are having with their walk-in closets is that they are filling up with clothing. This can be a baffling situation as the thought is that this closet is much bigger than the regular closets that we are use to, so this closet should not ever get to the point that it is full and we cannot find the clothing that we are looking for. When the truth of the matter is much different from our thinking.

First of all, there is a great phenomenon at work here than we are giving credit to. We think that just because the closets are larger, then there should be more space, but let's analyze the situation a little further to see if we can discover more.

People with larger closets, especially larger walk in closets, tend to make more money than those that don't have walk in closets, right? Obviously, walk in closets are associated with larger homes, and larger homes are associate with larger incomes. This is all very logical. But what we are leaving out of the equation is the tiny economic principal that I learned back in collect that says, "Peoples expenditures will rise to meet or exceed their income."

Think about this for a moment, if you are making $50,000 a year, then most people tend to spend at least $50,000 a year. And if this person were to receive a raise of say $25,000 a year and they are now making $75,000, then you would think that they would have an extra $25,000 to save from year to year.

But the research that has been found is something totally different. In fact, it is mind blowing. This research shows that the axiom I discovered in economics is true, people's expenditures will rise to meet their income level. So this person that was making $50,000 that is now making $75,000, will find a way to spend the extra $25,000 to allow their expenditures to meet their income level.

This is very easy to imagine as their friends, family, and ego step in to show them things that at the previous level they paid no attention to, but now that they have to means, they are spending like crazy to take up that extra money. This is a phenomenon that I think we all have fallen victim to and I swear this is the last time for me as I plan on getting it right.

How does this economic axiom apply to Walk in Closets?

It is actually very simple. As you make more and more money, you tend to buy more and more and more things. You buy a bigger home, bigger furniture, bigger cars, and more clothing to go with all the other trappings. Therefore, before you had the extra money, you were find with packing out a small regular bedroom or hall closet. But now that you have more money, your expenditures go up and this applies to your clothing, jackets, shorts, shirts, sweaters, shoes, purses, hats, and much, much more. Before long, you look up and that overgrown, massive walk in closet has been reduced down to not having enough space that you need to house all of your belongings. So, what can we do?

How to Organize a Walk in Closet.

Yes. I know, we took the long way to get to this point of how to organize a closet, but it is was important to get you to see that just because you have more room than you are use to having in the past, that your actions and your economic behavior has a strong tendency to take up much of that extra space and room as well. As your income rises, your expenditures rise and this brings more and more clothing and materials into your home to fill up that space.

But know that we are aware of this phenomenon, what do we do to make sure that we don't have this problem in our walk in closets and there is more than enough space to fit and easily find what we need to fin in it?

1) Donation

You obviously have more than you know what to do with or need. Therefore, you should take some of that wealth that you have accumulated in material things and give it to someone that is much more needy than you are. This is a great double win for you as you gain more space in that already overcrowded walk in closet and the people that you make the donations to have something else to wear.

The general rule of thumb is that if you have not worn it in the previous 365 days, then you are not going to wear it. And you should donate it immediately or give it to friends that are less fortunate than you.

2) Organize

Obviously you came here for organization, but this should be done by seasons. If you live in a place where you get to enjoy multiple seasons, they you can group your clothing accordingly. This is great because clothes in the off season can go into storage or the attic. And closets that are in season will instantly have more space and room to fill out your closets. This will make everything much more easy to access in the future.

3) Boxes and Hooks

Make sure you are using dead space in your walk in closet by ensuring that you have boxes and hooks on the wall that certain items can be hung from. This will do wonders for you as you try to find enough space for everything that you have left.

The combination of understanding how you accumulate all of these clothing items over time due to your rising income level, donation, organization, boxes, and hooks should serve you well when you take on the task of organizing your walk in closets.

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Benefit #1: Making Efficient Use of Available Space

To the layperson, a closet has a limited number of possibilities; to a professional closet designer, it is filled with opportunities. The fact is, those who work on designing closets for a living look at space a lot differently than average folks do. Where you may see a small rectangular space, a professional designer sees floor-to-ceiling shelves, elegant drawers, first-rate racks and oodles of bins, cubbies and other closet storage elements. By bringing a pro on board, you dramatically increase your odds of making the best use of the space that you have.

Benefit #2: Gaining Access to Creative Design Ideas

Even if you consider yourself to be a fairly creative person, that creativity may not extend to designing the layout of a closet. People who design custom closets for a living know all about the most cutting-edge features - and they know precisely how to make them fit into virtually any design scheme. Better still, a professional closet systems designer will know how to seamlessly blend time-tested features with new-fangled options, ending up with an eye-pleasing - and extremely useful - whole.

Benefit #3: Incorporating the Right Lighting

Your storage closets aren't going to do you a whole lot of good if you can't see what's in them. All too often, amateurs attempt DIY closet design projects - only to forget all about lighting. Truly exceptional closets include thoughtful lighting elements that help to make the most out of their designs. After all, there's no point in adding a few drawers to a wardrobe closet if you can't make hide or hair about what's inside them. In the end, a poorly-lit closet will be no better than any old run-of-the-mill closet. With professional design, the right lighting can be included.

Benefit #4: Creating a Strong, Durable Solution

A knack for carpentry isn't generally enough to produce a truly exceptional closet storage system. Many times, ambitious DIYers achieve a look that is eye-pleasing enough; when their work is actually put to use, though, disaster often ensues. What's the point of having first-rate closet shelves, for instance, if they can't bear the weight of more than a few sweaters? Why bother with the hassle of installing drawers, when they fall right out of their tracks? With a professionally designed closet, you don't have to worry about such issues.

Benefit #5: Enjoying Inventive, Practical Organization

To the uninitiated, a small closet has very limited possibilities. It's all too easy to assume that your dreams of having elegant melamine or solid wood closet shelves are totally unattainable. However, a professional closet designer has the experience and foresight to know that just about anything is possible. Better still, the right designer will know how to put your ideas to practical use. That way, you don't end up with a bunch of very nice-looking - but utterly unusable - closet storage elements.

Benefit #6: Adding Exceptional Value to Your Home

Although you may fully intend to remain in your current house for many years to come, it never hurts to think about the future. Someday, you'll probably want to sell your home. That's why it pays to consider the value that a professionally designed closet can bring to the table. When the time comes to place your house on the market, your exquisitely designed closet system will be something that you can highlight to prospective buyers. Everyone loves a nicely appointed closet. A professionally designed closet will serve you well right off the bat - and well into the future, too.

In the parlance of business investors, a professionally designed closet brings a lot of ROI - or return on investment - to the table. This is true not only in terms of the value that such systems add to your home, but also in terms of how much time and effort they will save you. Justifying the negligible added expense of a custom closet is actually quite easy to do.

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